Halloween will soon be here...

no wait! it's here! happy halloween everyone! i hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween. i encourage christians to take every opportunity of the people who are coming to your house. share Christ with everyone! i'm excited to see all the costumes this year.

here are some of my favorite things for today. passing out candy while watching hocus pocus, and eating some great snacks!

any halloween traditions that you have?

Engagement Anniversary

We celebrated our engagement anniversary on Monday! Do people celebrate that? We figured this is our last week together, so we might as well do something fun. RJ surprised me with the absolute best date, that he planned all by himself (which is a big deal). I gotta say that I was very impressed and surprised. He is usually the absolute worst planner and gift giver. A quality that I have come to find quite adorable. He once gave me a dog, that said #1 dad on it, for Christmas. No joke! So you can see why I was so surprised yesterday when he showed up with this incredible bouquet of flowers.

He took me down to Laguna Beach in Orange County. That beach is so breathtaking. We think It's the reason people want to live in Southern California. I mean, everything about it is just amazing. You can see God's remarkable workmanship.

 I can't capture the beauty in a picture, but that sunset!
                                                                ^^^The water was so clear^^^

                                           ^^^We had sushi at Okura in Laguna. BEST Sushi EVER!!^^

We had dessert at rubies by the pier. Can you tell I was excited by that ridiculous face!? 

 {We got a video of the absolute cutest crab on the beach! It's amazing that you can see fish and crabs through the water.} 

It was such a great day! It's been tough thinking about RJ leaving, but Monday was just what we needed. It's a day I will never forget :)

pumpkin carving

We had a pumpkin carving night last week! I told you, we're pulling out all the stops before RJ leaves. So last week we went to a friends house, with our pumpkins in hand, and we carved our little hearts out. Pumpkin carving is a lot harder than it looks. We have been blessed with some terribly creative friends who seem to be able to fart out creative ideas. So yeah, these are pretty impressive, and they're not even trying...

 ^^^^I made a candy apple bar^^^
 my favorite was caramel, graham cracker, and chocolate. hmmmm
 This girl is an amazing artist! Remember what I said about farting creativity? She's the biggest tooter when it comes to drawing.
 Jed hated putting his hand in the pumpkin, completely grossed out.

 ^^^How handsome is this guy? My new favorite picture :) ^^^
 Not as impressive when you can see the drawn outline. 
But I loved the end result! (right to left) Batman, witch & cat, spider, mickey, mario, jack-o-lantern.

You and Me Forever Book

I wanted to share this really great video! Francis Chan and his wife have been such a great encouragement throughout my walk. I continue to be really encouraged by them. I encourage you to listen to any of his sermons or to read his books. I can't wait to pick up this new book that him and his wife wrote. They both just live with such conviction! Ah! Enjoy the video :)

It's nap time!

Yesterday we went to the happiest place on earth. Whoever named it that clearly did not have children. That place is crazy enough without kids but once you throw one in the mix it's a different story. We had a blast taking Jed there for his first time. Even though he's not going to remember any of it, we wanted to take him before RJ left. It was both fun and stressful! Having to convince a 1 year old that a ride is going to be fun before it starts, while he's crying, takes a lot out of you. Did I mention it was crowded? On a Thursday! We still had such a great time, and we're so grateful that we were able to go as a family. Today I am beyond pooped, and I have a Zumbathon tonight. So instead of bringing you a brilliant blog post, I came on here to tell you that I'm really tired, too tired to write. So go take a nap for me :)

Have a great weekend!

Top 5 Magazine Subscriptions

One. Cooks Illustrated has the best recipes that I have seen in any magazine. I first found it while waiting for my husband to finish walking around ALL of Lowe's. I mean, what else can I do, besides that and hang around the paint section.

Two. Real Simple, It's a really fun magazine with easy home projects. Two thumbs up for this one.

Three. Southern Living! Who doesn't love this magazine? It has great style. Specially if you live in LA and want to live somewhere rustic.

Four. Better Homes and Garden. Need I say more!

Five. Flea Market is a new find for me, and might just be my favorite. I like to see how people makeover their flea market finds :)

I enjoy reading all of these. I mean, pinterest is fun, but I just enjoy reading magazines so much! Next time you're in Target I would recommend picking one up.

What are some of your favorite's?