Watermelon Drink & Sorbet

Watermelon has to be one of my all time favorite things! When you get a good one, there is just nothing like it. Jed seems to really enjoy it too. So I decided to make some toddler friendly recipes for him. I like that it's mostly just watermelon in a different form. He likes them, and I like them too, so It's a win-win! See the recipes below!

Watermelon Drink 

This recipe is incredibly simple to make. You can modify it to your preference for example if you have a really great watermelon, you don't need sugar, but if you have a not so great one, you can add some.


Watermelon (4 cups)
Water (1cup)
Lemon Juice
2 tbl of sugar (optional)

I don't make a lot of the juice, just enough for about a few days or the week. So you can double the recipe if you want more.

 Cut the watermelon into cubes and measure out 4 cups. Blend until it is smooth. Then add water and half a lemon. You can add sugar if desired.

This taste best after it is cold. I also like to put salt on the rim of the cup, which my husband says is awful, and a total mexican thing! Try it! You might like it. I like salt with my watermelon :)

Watermelon Sorbet

4 cups of watermelon
1 Lime


Cut up your watermelon into cubes and freeze overnight. Once it is completely frozen put in the blender or food processor. Blend and add lime juice until you have a sorbet consistency.

There you have it! Two very simple recipes :) Enjoy the rest of your summer, our seems to be over here in NY!

What terrible Two's?

I always swore my child would never experience the terrible two's mostly because he would know who's boss. Ha! How you totally eat your words when you're a mom. So the terrible twos have come. My theory about the terrible twos is that its a turning point where kids realize they can say no and try and cry to get their way. In a sense its a really crucial point where it will determine how they're going to act towards you. But it is really comical how quickly it happens. Like they must all talk about it, and tell each other that when they turn two they're suppose to become a terror. I think it also has to do with his ability to clearly talk. My goodness! This kid does not stop talking, it is both adorable, and driving me crazy.

This is  a really fun and kind of stressful age. There is a lot of responsibility with having a child but I think this is when it is taken to another level. He picks up on everything! I said "that sucks", so he said sucks. Its like the magnifying glass is put on you, that much more. They pick up on everything, if you're ignoring them, if you're mad at dad. There is a lot of accountability that a toddler brings. This staying at home job is no joke. Although it's easy to try and just entertain him and get other things done, I want to make sure that I'm trying my very hardest. THAT is so tough! I laugh because every time I say I love you I tell him to look at me. So now when I say look at me, he just says I love you. But I want him to know that I'm not just going through the motions (most of the time). That he really matters to me and that I want the very best for him. Something that at times seems impossible in this world. Its really scary to be responsible for another person. The other night RJ picked up his shoes and said, we have a person living with us! Yeah, we do. It's kind of crazy. A person who will grow up to be an adult.

I can't help but wonder what kind of adult. My hope and desire for him is to love God, and to serve Him wholeheartedly. I fear for all the things that will distract him from that. Like, really, honestly, fear. I don't want to be another distraction. I want to point him to God, not be a hindrance. I don't think that means perfect, because that's impossible. I'm trying to be honest with him, and ask for forgiveness, even though he has no idea what I'm taking about. But I think it starts now. I think now determines what kind of child he will be, but it also determines what kind of parents we will be. I'm hoping that It's good ones. I don't mean fun parents who teach their kid about art, do crafts, and activities, or parents who just take pride in how intelligent and successful their child is. But parents who teach their kid about Jesus, who teach him the bible, who teach him to love others more than he loves himself, even when It's really hard (It's always hard). To be a gentleman, to be loving, and giving, and sacrificial. To be honest, and to walk away from any situation that can compromise his character. To be the kind of person, man, that the world no longer seems to care about. It's just too easy to be anyone else. It's so hard to look at him when I know the battle he has ahead. Not a physical one but a spiritual one. Guys! This world seems is nuts, that's a reality that's just too hard to not see.  It's hard to just be a decent human being, let alone a Christian. With all the things on the news, sometimes I can't help but be disheartened. But I'm reminded that there is hope. Not in good people, or in great parent, but in Jesus Christ, and that is the only hope I cling onto.

What I miss about city living

There are a few things that I miss about city living. Although its all rainbows and sunshine up here, theres a real convenience that comes with living in a big city. I was reminded of that over the weekend. I mean, the convenience of running to Target for diapers, or the corner store for milk. You can't really do that out here. While the pros outweigh the cons, there are days where I wish I could get sushi delivered (sigh).

^^Although nothing beats a star lite sky, a backdrop like that comes pretty close^^
Having everything close together has to be number one! Out here you have to drive 20 miles to the nearest store. You can't really walk anywhere, so it can be kind of tough getting around sometimes. We definitely have to plan every family outing, and by outing I mean a trip to the grocery store turns into a family trip. 
The food. THE FOOD! I miss the sushi restaurants, indian food, and the convenience of eating whatever you can think of in a matter of minutes. Although, we have wild turkeys, so theres that. 

The fun activities. I don't think its possible to be bored in LA. There is always something to do. I mean you could go to the beach and the mountains in the same day. How could you ever be bored?

What I obviously miss most of all is our family, but these simple things that you take for granted as a "city kid" are starting to be missed too. I still very much love it here. We are definitely getting a lot of family time, and seem to be doing EVERYTHING as a family. We need to get some board games before winter, and we will be all set. Cant seem to find a single one, which is sad, because I owned like 10 (grrr).

So for now I will enjoy chasing turkeys and watching deer graze, and hope that the next place we live is just as fun, with maybe a Target within walking distance.

Our trip to Cincinnati

I wanted to share a little video of our time in Cincinnati over the weekend! We were there for our friends wedding, which was beautiful. It was a lot of fun seeing family and friends that we have been missing so much. It was definitely a weekend for the books. We explored a little of the city before the wedding. It was so much fun! It is a really beautiful city.

Some places we visited were A Taste of Belgium, which was on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (love that show). It was definitely worth the hype. I recommend getting the burger, strawberries and creme, and chicken and waffle. The sauce they bring you with the fries is something else. They also make their own whip creme!

I also recommend seeing the great american ball park! We also saw the purple people bridge, which was a lot of fun. It puts you right in the heart of everything. You can also cross back and forth from Kentucky to Ohio, the river is the border line. There was also a huge carousel that we didn't get to see, but looked like a lot of fun. I would recommend going there. You just can't go wrong with going anywhere near the river. Its all beautiful!

Lately we have....

Been super busy! Here is some of our past week...

 Hes so much fun. I just love this age!
 Those were our boxes. All gone now, thank God! Oh and there was this huge fly on our window. They are giant here!

All of our things arrived. You don't realize how much stuff you have until you move. We have already gotten rid of so much. We set out some boxes on the curb. Don't you just hate it when people look at your junk and don't take it? But we managed to get rid of a lot of things. We are almost there with the unpacking. I haven't been blogging because that has taken up most of our time (Mayra!). I can't think until everything is in the place its suppose to be. I fear for Jed, he might be severely OCD with us as parents.

Jed seems like such a kid now. He had us rolling the other day. We just love it when he speaks properly. We're not sure where he learned it. He asked RJ if he was okay after he went down the slide. He also says God bless you after you sneeze. Oh, and he says "no thank you, I fine, mommy" when you tell him to eat (like he has a choice).  Its so cute! The funny part is he doesn't know he's cute.  If he would only cooperate with the potty training he'd be the perfect child. That kid refuses to sit on the potty.

We have been enjoying our new church. We are managing to get plugged in and are even starting to serve in some areas. It's a young church but It's really awesome to see God working big time there. They remind us so much of our old church! It's insane. They're even in the process of searching for a pastor. They still seem really young in terms of theology. I attended the women's bible study and they had all these questions. They have such a passion for the bible, I love it.

We finally have some friends, although haven't really managed to go out. Everyone seems to be in the same, one car, position. So we can't really go to each others houses. Although RJ said he was getting a bike next summer, to bike to work. So watch out! Next year, I will be going places!