We visited Clayton for our birthday weekend. Because when you have a birthday two days after your toddler you do birthday weekends together. Also, I think he thinks everyone celebrates their birthday within the span of two days. Ha. Ah, still can't believe he's two!

So Clayton was beautiful to say the least. It was a really small town, very close to Canada. I mean close enough that we had to turn off our phones to not get overseas charges. It was surrounded by water, a river town! We walked around for a little bit and then sat by the water (more like stood near Jed and hoped he wouldn't jump off the pier). I never realized how many restrictions LA had. I mean here you have to try really hard not to get hurt. LA didn't prepare me for this. Haha.
This restaurant was really cute. They wrote on the sidewalk with some  chalk. Very charming!

 They had a cheese shop with a plethora of cheese. Should have thought to get farmers cheese (queso fresco) because they song have it at the grocery store. They don't have any mexican stuff. How will I get Tamales for Christmas!!?

 Had to snap a picture of these before someone sat down.. because that would be awkward!

                                                          ^^Even the building were cool!^^
This guy stops to smell every flower. Such a romantic.
It was such a great birthday weekend. I definitely felt the love all the way from California. I t was nice spending some time with just the three of us. These boys just kill me, I'm so grateful for every moment I get with them. They are something else.

Now, if only I could sleep past 6am.

Happy Birthday, Jed {2}

My sweet, handsome, loving son turns two today. To be completely honest, a part of me felt like the time dragged, and a bigger part of me can't believe we're here. I know every mom feels like they have the best kids in the world but I really do. He is such a sweet and loving boy, a real gentleman. He helps me clean and take out the trash. He only throws tantrums when they're really necessary (ha!!), he listens after he's been warned (twice). He gives daily hugs and kisses and on occasion bonus ones if he thinks you need them (those are the best). He pretends to laugh at things that other people think are funny ( he tries to fit in guys). He repeats everything you say. Since we've been going on daily walks he will now take my hand when a car is coming and say, dangerous. Because I tell him that crossing the street is dangerous. He reminds me that I need to pick up the mail and that the ice cream man is coming. Although he won't ask for ice cream, he just wants to let me know. He also doesn't fight me when it's time to go home from the park. This is huge for a two year old, guys. He's so mature for his age. Just yesterday after I told him that it was his "last slide", he immediately started walking towards home after he got down. He said "see ya" to the kids at the park and told me "cmon on mom, time to go home". Right?! He's too much.

He's got killer dance moves and a really strange appetite for things like olives and ginger. He loves dinosaurs, trains, and fire trucks. He also loves hiding behind trash and saying where's Jed? He says shoo fly, even though it's not a fly and he loves throwing rocks down the sewer (boys!). He's just an all around fun guy to be around. I love him more everyday.  The more I know him, the more I miss Ben. I think they would have been a lot alike. I'm just so grateful for Jed. Through the struggle of it all, God gave us a really great kid to make it all that much more bearable. I'm a little sad he's turning two but mostly excited to see what crazy new thing he likes or does tomorrow!  

Happy Birthday, Jedi! I have never known a sweeter boy. 

The town fair

We visited the town fair over the weekend. It was sort of a love hate relationships. On the one hand I love some things about it, but overall, I mostly hated it (not really).

When the website says they open at 9am, they really mean 1pm? At 9 am is when all the livestock competitions start, which is fine because thats what we wanted to see. That was really the best part! Also, when they say military is free they mean they will give you a hard time about it. Ha. We got there early (on time) and no one was there to charge us. So we waited until someone showed up at the ticket booth. She was upset that we went in early (on time) and she said there was nothing she could do since we were already in. Then she tried to sell us a bracelet for the rides. You know, the ones that weren't open until 1. They were $27! Per person!!! They don't even have 27 rides. They had maybe, maybe, 7.

Other than that strange experience we really enjoyed it. We were able to see some animal competitions. It's amazing what different lifestyles people lead. Some people devote their entire lives on raising these animals and competing with them. I find it very remarkable that someone can dedicate so much to that type of lifestyle. There is definitely something very charming about that life. I could easily see myself living that way.  We saw equestrian competitions which were really impressive. There was, what looked like a 7 year old girl competing against adults! We also saw the cows compete. They were beautiful! They get brushed, and hair sprayed, and even get their butts wiped with a wipe after they poop.

That experience was something we were never able to see in LA. They are a lot more strict on how close you can get to the animals. Here you are able to kiss them if you want. Jed was pretty excited about that. It makes me look forward to the Syracuse fair. I hear that one is really great.

The food was alright, although, to be fair, not much was open. Our choices were really slim. Although, what was amazing was this funnel cake, like, thing. They called it fried dough, with maple butter. That stuff was... amazing!

It was no LA county fair. It was different, it had more of a small town feel, and I really enjoyed that, we all did. Maybe next year ill enter my own cow. Ha!

Diary of a hypochondriac

So apparently it is a well known fact in our family that I am a hypochondriac. As in a person who thinks they have diseases that they don't really have. I know, right, crazy. My husband is the leading eye roller in the life long debate. And I thought that maybe he was the crazy one, that is until I asked him what the symptoms for lyme disease are. There are apparently ticks like there are ants around here. So the first week I kept thinking that every red bump was a tick bite and that I had lyme disease. That's when it kind of hit me that I MIGHT have a problem (although you will be sorry if I get lyme disease). In my defense when looking it up the statistic is that 3 million people have this in the US. So I am not alone, although I don't think i have it. So I thought I would share with you the thoughts of a "hypochondriac".

First of all, I don't think I have every disease, I am open to the possibility that I could have any disease. Some people call that paranoid. I call that humility. I am not above any sickness! Maybe I have a tapeworm. I do eat a lot of sushi. Makes sense. It's possible for me to have West Nile, there are a lot of mosquito's in the world, and occasionally they bite me. Ring worm is also a possibility, I've petted dogs before. Do you see how I can arrive at those educated guesses? Sure there are times where I wish I could jump into the ocean and not worry about getting swimmers ear or hepatitis, but that is just not me. I will never be the girl who can eat at a restaurant with a C in good conscious. And sure you might say I've never lived and you might look at my life and feel a little sorry for me. But the truth is when you have diarrhea from that burrito you ate at that food truck, or when you get influenza from the port a potty, I'll be the one laughing (not really, ill bring you soup).

The not so wonderful

Don't get me wrong, I still love it here, but there are some not so great parts about it. The not so wonderful of this new place, is as follows...

The humidity! Yikes! My hair is insanely frizzy most days. When I straighten it, after a few hours it starts to curl at the top. This is the same reason Hawaii was not so fun for me. Ever seen that episode of friends? Yup! Although Its bearable for me here.

The bugs!! SERIOUSLY!! The BUGS. It's almost comical how many there are. The other day I was walking with Jed and one flew in my eye. They just follow you! I must look like a crazy person to the cars driving by, because I am swatting and shaking my head like crazy. It's just that the buzzing noise drives me crazy. I was sure they had built a nest in my humongous hair.

Everything looks EXACTLY the same. Everytime I have gone out, I have gotten lost. It's just tree after tree. I do love trees but c'mon, put up some picture markers or something. It's been really hard trying to remember the place. I'm sure I will get it, it will just take some time.

Everything is far. I guess in the country (or whatever this is), everything is a good driving distance away. I walked to the library the other day, 5 miles!!! Not 5 fun miles! 5 miles of tree after tree, after, well tree.

Deer. I love seeing deer in the yard, but what I don't love is seeing them as roadkill and possibly running over them. Something I never had to worry about in LA. Today I almost ran over a platypus? Not sure what it was, but it was really funny looking! Instead of going forward, the stupid thing started walking backwards, slowly. I have never seen an animal do that. It was hilarious.

Other than those things and not having any friends yet (sad face), I love it here. It will take some adjusting. Oh and having one vehicle is killing me, but Wayward Pines is helping. That show?! My homeboy M Night does it again. I think that guy is a genius. Anyone else watching that? Erick?

Week 1 in NY

We have been here just a little over a week and so far we are loving it. I mean fawn, and wild turkeys! Whats not to love? Ha! They also have a lot of farmers markets, antiques, yard sales, and fruit picking up here (all of which I love).  It just seems like our kind of place. I guess we will wait to make any absolute statements until after the winter.

Our first week here was a lot of wows. I mean, Its so different from LA. Clean air, and trees. You guys, trees for days! Water, water everywhere! It's just beautiful. Ive only ever lived in LA so the country has always been really captivating to me. I think we both forgot about that for a while, and then the other day while we were driving we just kind of looked at each other and said we could do this. We could see ourselves building a life here, then again, I seem to say that about every place I go to. I'm starting to think It's RJ. Haha.

So here are some of our highlights!
 Food! Theres food here! Chipotle (check), good burgers (check), Sushi (check). All is good.

 We visited the farmers market last week. All kinds of food and plants. Theres even a wood guy! I'm considering asking him if I can be his apprentice. I bought two things from him already.

 Castles and water. There are all kinds of really cool castles up here that we can visit. You know, if you like that nerdy stuff. Theres also water everywhere. We're 30 min from Canada. I saw the bridge on the way to the castle. So yeah, we live 30 min from a castle.
 I know I look like a complete idiot, but I stop every time I see a deer. It's just amazing that they're walking around in our neighborhood.

Oh yeah, the reason we left everything and moved across the country. I had forgotten how much fun this guy is. I miss everyone so much, but I am just over the moon to finally be in our own home. We have those moments where we just laugh and look at each other and can't believe this is our life. We still feel like crazy teenagers who are in love. Who let us have a baby and a house?! We are killing this parenting thing (and by that, I mean we have no idea what we're doing), but we're having fun doing it.

I don't know, I tend to over romanticise everything when it comes to RJ, but this place is really great. Life is really great. I'm grateful that we're together again. I know that circumstances will change and there will be times when things are tougher, but right now, It's good. Feeling like newlyweds, missing furniture and all :)