Syrian Refugees

Something that has seemed to garner a whole lot of attention. I don't normally blog about politics because I think It's futile and I have way too many opinions for my own good. I do enjoy politics. It's something that I would have really enjoyed doing, but politics and Christians don't seem to mix well together. I have so many opinions on so many current events, but nothing has moved me more than the refugee crisis. All these innocent people fleeing from the civil war going on in Syria, is for lack of better words, heartbreaking. Yet, we have so many people on both sides of the fence on wether or not to take them in. Things seem to be split between democrats who think we should and republicans who seemed apposed to it. I can honestly say that yesterday I was too. I watched a lot of videos, did a lot of reading, and I even went so far as to comment on a lot of Facebook statuses ( I don't normally do that). I was so worked up! It made absolutely not sense to take these people in. It poses a security threat, it's more tax dollars, and we have plenty of people already in need. All really good reasons, don't you think? So what changed my mind?

But God. Those are my two favorite words in the bible. I felt convicted. Here I was considering all of the things that could go wrong, somewhere in there I forgot I was a Christian. I forgot to show the  love and compassion of God. How can non-believers be showing more compassion than Christians? I was reading Facebook statuses of people who don't believe in God, ready and willing, to welcome strangers. I think sometimes we forget that republican doesn't mean Christian. I believe that republicans are really great Americans, but we are called to win people over for Christ in all nations, not just America. We are called to be excellent Christians not great Americans. To show compassion and mercy to people in need. We are to share the love of Christ and the truth of His gospel. That's it. We are the good samaritan in the story. How can we turn our back on people? Instead we should be seeking ways to actively go an minister to them.

I say this with a heavy heart, knowing that my son grows up in a world very different than the one I knew at his age. One with war and violence that have no end in sight. I have a lot of thoughts on what we should do and where we should go, but none of them are with the gospel in mind. None of them with the desire to live fully for Christ, but only with my family's best interest in mind. I don't pray for peace, I believe that the time for peace is gone. Instead I pray for courage. Courage that when the time comes, and God requires my life from me, that I give it freely. Knowing that the suffering of this life is nothing in comparison with the Glory that is to come. Take heart, He has overcome the world. The battle is won. So when others are scrambling for answers in fear, be the peace that says He's already won.


Is that spelled correctly? Wanted to share some of the crazy things Jed has been saying lately, well because naturally as his mom I think he's adorable. Also, aunt Mayra keeps harassing me about blogging more. She did however make a really good point of writing these down so i can remember them. Good idea! So here it is.

Jed is like a really sassy, smart child. I think he kind of encompasses my and RJs personality, really well. He's a little OCD. He really enjoys cleaning. The other day he took some wipes out and just decided he was going to wipe down all the furniture because apparently it was dirty. He then exclaimed, "I done with my cleaning. Oh wait, that's dirty." Then proceeded to wipe down some more things. He has this weird need to clean, well except when I actually tell him to.

He also hates wearing bandaids. His favorite show is still Mickey Mouse. Favorite food depends on his mood. It's this fun little guessing game we play. I make him something and then he tells me if he likes it that day. Except milk, he never turns down milk.

In the morning when I get him out of his crib if my hair is curly and kind of crazy, he says: "Mom, your hair. Brush it." Right? Honesty at It's finest.

If I ask him what he wants to eat in the morning, he says: "something delicious". Don't we all.

Last night he cracked some eggs on the floor and was pretty pleased with himself. He said: "they went crack!" RJ pointed out how technically we've never told him not to throw eggs on the floor. But he knew! When he's in trouble he anticipates me asking and says: "Why'd you do that?"

It's not enough for him to know that God made everything. He wants to tell me each thing that God made. He says the name of every person and animal, and tree, and grass. It's very cute.

When I take him to a public bathroom with me he ALWAYS says: "Mom, you poop? Yuck! Stinky! Fuchilaaaa! Yucky, mom!" Even if I'm just peeing. To which I feel the need to loudly say: "No, mom is not pooping! I'm just going potty." He did it at church once and I just waited until everyone left and prayed that they thought it was somebody else's child.

He's a character! Most of the time I love it, sometimes it drives me crazy. He's so smart and he picks up on everything. Right now we're trying to learn the rest of our dinosaur names. He picks things up so quickly, it is both amazing and scary. It requires me to really be accountable and make the most of our time together. To take every opportunity to teach him. It can be overwhelming at times. My favorite thing to do with him is to take walks. He is so calm and he talks so much! I love it. A lot of the time motherhood can be really hard and overwhelming, and it can feel like you're drowning 80% of the time. But the other 20% of the time, when you're not washing him down because he just pulled poop out of his diaper, It's really rewarding. I love it! I don't always remember that, but I do. You are raising a human! You are raising a friend, a possible husband, and father. That's a big responsibility.  We need the grace of God, because we are bound to mess this up. Thats all any of us can really do. We try our very best, pray, and allow God to work in them. That is always my biggest prayer for any of our kids, that they wholeheartedly follow Jesus Christ.

Old Mcdonald's Farm

I finally got a chance to sit and write a post about my in-laws visiting. While they were here we managed to see a lot of different things. We even made a trip down to Niagara falls. Today I wanted to share our day at the farm. Farms have been one of the very best things about the north country! Everyone here seems to have one. We visited Old Mcdonald's farm out by Sackets Harbor, and I have to say it was pretty amazing. We don't really grow up with farm animals in the city and even if you can see them, you can't get that close. It was amazing how close you were able to get here. You would never be able to do that in LA. We had a really great time! Jed loved every minute of it. I think the goats were his favorite.

 He was able to feed them, which was awesome. I would actually not mind having a goat, they seem useful, and a little cute.

 He was so excited, he was dancing!
 He fed whatever these are. Peacocks? Chickens?
 They had a reindeer! It was so cool!!! I mean, just very cool.

 The cows were my favorite. I just think they're so cute! I also feel like i relate with them the best. I feel like a cow is my spiritual animal, you know.

They had a pumpkin patch where you could pick pumpkins for $2! 
It was such a blast! Definitely hope to go back once the season starts up again.

I hope to blog more regularly again. I feel like I need the outlet. I just think my brain is a little fried from these crazy last few months. Jed is getting older and he does not stop talking. It is both cute and exhausting. He's getting to the age where he repeats everything you say. Yikes! Hope to share more soon, maybe in a vlog. Just trying to get back in the swing of things around here.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

Faithbox Review

Faithbox sent me a box to review for the month of October. I finally managed to get around to reading the book and finishing everything up. So today I am sharing with you some of my thoughts on it.

To start with I will share a little about faith box. They are a monthly Christian subscription box. You pay each month and they curate some things and send them to you. They have three plans. Month to month is $20 a month. 3 month plan is $19 a month. 1 year plan is $17 a month. The really awesome thing about faith box is that each box provides 3 meals to a child at a christian orphanage.

The things included in this months box are: A candle, chocolate bar, lip balm, and two books.

Candle. The candle might have been my favorite thing. I have no idea what the brand is, since it just says faith box on it or what the scent is, but it smells AMAZING! They should sell these. Go into the candle making business. Seriously.

Lip Balm. The Lip balm is a close second. It is all natural, 3 ingredient lip balm. It's made from beeswax, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. I think I'm going to get another one when this one is done.

Kutoa Bar. This was surprisingly really good. i don't normally like health or all natural bars, but this was pretty good. AND Jed thought so too, which is always nice.

Every Day Devotional. This was a devotional for the month of October. I really enjoy devotionals because it helps keep me on track. This one was pretty good.

It's not what you think, book. The book was probably my least favorite thing in the box. It is written by Jefferson Bethke who I am not familiar with. To be honest, the book was a little confusing. I felt like he didn't make his point clear. I am still not positive what he meant. He mentions how he thinks heaven is on earth and not some "far away"place. I am not sure if he meant that literally or figuratively. If it is the former than he is wrong, because there is in fact a heaven. The point being that he didn't really make that clear in his book (at least I didn't understand it). The other point being that he didn't use much scripture, which I really didn't like. I have so much more to say and as much as I want to psychoanalyze this guy, I really don't know that much about him. I will say that in terms of books, this is probably one I wouldn't read again or recommend to someone. I personally enjoy reading from Tozer, John MacArthur, John Piper, and such (so you can get an idea of what I like).

In conclusion (because we're in second grade) for the most part I liked the box. I do question how they do their screening process as far as reading material. I'm not so sure that they are really sending theologically sound books (I think I saw a Joyce Meyer book a few months back). Everything else I loved. I love that they give back and use companies that do the same. I would definitely try it out again. I just enjoy getting things in the mail, so It's like a gift each month! If you want to give them a them a try or find out more information visit their website.

If you have any questions or comments, go head and comment down below or email me at

Apple Picking

We went Apple Picking on Monday. A family at church has an apple orchard and they so generously invited the entire church to come and pick some apples. It was so much fun!! We had a BBQ afterwards. They also played volleyball, corn hole, had a trampoline (which Jed loved), and rode kids on a tractor. It was the full country experience. I have to say, I loved it!! It was so much fun. I could see us living this kind of life.
They had a lot of different varities of apples and Jed just had to try them all. 

^^Natalia! This is Jeds new BFF. We love that they live a few houses down from us :) 

^^This was my favorite. It was really red, almost purple, and white like snow on the inside.^^ 

The wasp or bees that were after the apples were insane! The bugs here are something else. I think the term is not afraid. Which makes me more afraid! Ha

Look at that face! He loved it. He just enjoys being outside and doing all of these things. I enjoy watching him have fun. It's funny how your priorities change so much as a parent. I'm thinking we should get a trampoline in the summer. It seems to be what these country people do, that and slackline's.

I am really enjoying experiencing this slower pace, outdoor lifestyle. We were promised snowmobile riding in the winter so we're looking forward to that :) We are just embracing this whole new life and taking the good with the bad. Although, I still much rather have my husband home. It does seem like we grow closer each time he leaves.