Monday, September 22, 2014

Goodbye Summer

Heres a wrap of our 2014 summer. Lot's of water time, trip to lake Tahoe, birthdays, weddings, hikes, and most importantly Ben's birthday. It was a good summer. I'm also glad that I heard about red balloons for Ryan. It makes feel connected to another mom who has lost her son.

Yesterday was the last day of summer, and it was a bittersweet day. I welcome cooler days, mostly because hot days in LA stink. On the other hand I'm not ready to let go of summer. I know that in Southern California I don't really have to say goodbye to the summer weather, but the weather is not really what I'm holding on to. What I'm really holding on to is the memory of Benjamin. I had already been feeling like people forgot about Benjamin (although thats not entirely true), but fall is just a reminder of how life goes on. Things end, life ends (at least here). People move on, with or without you. And It's only so long before the next baby is born and your baby is just a memory in peoples mind. Meanwhile to you, it feels like he was born just hours ago. Yeah, all of those memories are wrapped in summer for me.

I'm also reminded that It's our last summer here. At first I was really excited about that! Trying something new and possibly exciting. Now I'm starting to realize how  much I'm going to miss our family and my only friend (mayra ;).  I also can't help but feel like I'm leaving Ben behind. It's just hard imagining that his grave will not be visited or cleaned.

Wow, this post turned out way sadder than I planned for. On a brighter note, today is my moms birthday! And my moms birthday has always been a sign that fall is here. So here's to my beautiful mom, who turned 63 but looks 52 ;)

Love you, mom! Not pictured because she would kill me if I ever posted one.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Fancy Finds

These are not so much fancy, as much as things that I, fancy. Some might be old but they're new to me.

1. Braids! I know, already a trend but they're something that I have always loved and I hope they don't go away. They're the lazy way (in my opinion) of doing your hair.
2. Birkenstock. Yet another "fashion" trend. Not sure why these are such a fashion trend, because they seriously look like something my 80 year old aunt wears. But they are very comfortable. I mean, extremely comfortable. AAAND! If you go to Kohl's they have sandals called Betula which are licensed by Birkenstock. Pretty much the same thing for almost half the price.
3. Purple nail polish. Because I just can't wait for fall. I believe this is called plum whine by OPI.
4. Food Documentaries. I have been on a food documentary rampage. Trying to learn all I can on eating better.
5. Brazilian Blowout. This has been out for a while but I only recently tried it. I didn't get the strongest one because of all the chemicals but the the second strongest. I have to say that my hair is amazing! I never though I could have hair that wasn't frizzy. Although I miss my curls here and there, but It's nice to not have to worry about straightening your hair.

Not so fancy....

Naked Juice. I decided to try it and thought it was too good to be true. Only to find out it is. Although it has good things in it, It's a lot of sugar and a whole lot of apple juice. I believe It's the first ingredient on their list. So save yourself the time (and money) and eat actual fruit, at least you get the fiber.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Once Upon a time

***spoiler alerts***

I have been watching the once upon a time seasons on netflix. and i may or may not have seen all three seasons this summer. like you have never wasted your time watching netflix? in my defense i wikepedia most of the first and second season. and although the second season almost lost me, the third season brought me right back! Regina is by far, my absolute favorite character. she's a great actress. mr. gold/rumpelstiltskin is my close second. i know, bad guys. but i love cheering for them to do the right thing. besides snow white and emma are too judgmental, always thinking regina is up to no good. so i thought i would make it a regular thing to write about the episodes, because although i know a good amount of people that watch this show, (my husband included) i love just being able to express my opinions.

i just finished watching the season finale of the third season and i nearly cried. i felt so heartbroken for regina, and really angry at emma. i watched before my husband and then with him, his reaction was the same. he even looked back at me with shock when he knew it was his wife. kudos to the writers because that was a heck of a twist. i knew she was going to change something because hook kept warning her. but this? genius! any who, that is really all i came here to say. although most people probably watched it back when it aired. just wanted to remind you of the outrage for the new season. oh and i am really curious how they're going to change the frozen story.

so now that i admitted that i watch once upon a time, i have really nothing else more embarrassing to say. except that i watch pll on occasion. nothing more embarrassing than that! ha.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

We joined the army!

We joined the army some time ago but hand't really decided if it's something I want to blog about. Now I think I'm pretty confident that it is something that I would like to share with all of you. In hopes of finding other people sharing in that same experience.

My husband leaves for basic in a little under two months. I am both excited and incredibly nervous. Since neither of us have had family in the military, we have no idea what to expect. I have read both bad and good experiences, and have concluded that It's different for everyone. I also learned a long time ago that things never turn out how you expect. So I might as well stop trying to picture what our life will be like.

Although, I truly am excited for my husband, I am sad to see him go. He won't be done with all his training until around may. That seems like forever from now. Then theres the whole being deployed thing. Which he says will happen. I am really hoping we make a lot of friends wherever we end up. And if anyone out there has gone through this or is going through it, feel free to email me! I could use all the advice i can get :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Great New app

Well, I'm not sure if this app is new to anyone but me. I seem to be the last to come up on things. For example, divergent! Yeah, just saw that last week, and it was great. I'm even considering reading the books. But not really. Who has time for that? Something else I recently found was ann app called Duolingo! As you can probably guess it teaches you different languages. You can pick from English, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Vietnamese. I am currently learning french, well, "relearning". I took two years of french in high school and apparently have nothing to show for it. Thank you public school. 

This app was seriously created by geniuses! It teaches you in such a simple way that just about anyone can learn. You learn both grammar and pronunciation. This app is so great that I can't believe It's free!! Seriously! I'm almost afraid to write this because they're going to start charging. I just thought I would share this with you guys, because I think It's such a useful tool. Here's the Duolingo website if you're interested

Other things I have recently come up on are, the show, Once upon a time, and kettle chips from Target! This what I look forward to during nap times.