The Keto Diet

I think something we will hear a lot about this year is the Keto diet. It is probably the fasted growing diet right now. Even though it has actually been around since the 20s and 30s, it wasn't popular again until just recently. I have done a lot of research on this diet for both school and because I was very briefly doing it (more on that later). I also have a few friends who are on it and have talked with them about it. Someone asked me if I could do a post on it and I thought I might as well put all the information to use, right? I am going to be sharing some of what I believe are the pros and cons about the diet. I'm not a health expert and It's important to talk to your Dr. about any drastic life changes such as this, specially if you have health conditions. With that said, I am actually a big fan of the Keto diet and have been considering getting back on it recently. So my post might be a little biased but I will also share what I believe to be the cons of the diet.

What is the Keto diet?
The Keto diet was originally used to treat epilepsy in kids but they found other health benefits to it and people started adapting it as a lifestyle. The Keto diet is high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet (75%, 20%, 5%). Our bodies burn glucose for fuel but on the diet you don't have enough glucose for your body to burn so it burns stored fat instead.

Does it work?

Diets aren't a one size fits all. What works for someone might not work for you. Generally people seem to do well on the Keto diet. When done correctly you can lose a high amount of fat, very quickly. I personally know a lot of success stories of people who have lost a crazy amount of weight. Your body needs to stay in Ketosis in order for you to keep burning fat, this is crucial to the diet.


You can lose weigh quickly
The obvious health benefit if you're doing this for weightless is that you can lose weight quickly. One you get into Ketosis, your body burns fat quickly and many people see fast results.

It reduces insulin levels
insulin helps glucose move from the bloodstream to the muscles and tissues. Which in turn can help increase inflammation.

You can eat more
You can eat more fat than just about any other diet you do. Theres also a lot of foods that are allowed that aren't typically allowed in other diets. I really liked being able to have mayonnaise.

Mental Clarity and more energy
One of the things that people really like about this diet is the mental clarity they seem to have once in Ketosis and the increased energy. A lot of them say that they've never felt better.


It is very restrictive
In order to stay in Ketosis you need to maintain a mostly fat, moderate protein, and very low carb lifestyle. If you break that, your body kicks you out Ketosis and Its sort of like starting all over (depending on how long you break it). It can be really difficult to maintain that on a regular basis You really need to adapt the lifestyle and think of it as a life change.

Not the best for athletes
If you're an athlete or have a vigorous workout schedule, this might not be the best option. the maximum rate of ATP resynthesis from Ketones is only about 0.40 moL/min. Aerobic or anaerobic breakdown of glycogen can resynthesize ATP at a rate of 1.0 to 2.0 moL/min.

Takes a while to get into Ketosis
You will need to be eating Keto safe for about a week or two before you actually get into Ketosis. This can be really for some people because it can actually be quite difficult and at times confusing to stick to the diet in the beginning. You also need to buy some sort of test (pee strips or blood monitor) to make sure you are in Ketosis.

Overall I think that the Keto diet can be a great choice for someone with extremely good self control. Because it is so easy to get out of Ketosis it is extremely important that you remain strict. It can also be hard to do at social gathering, but like anything else it requires sacrifice. There are a lot of really good resources out there and people to follow who can really help. I personally found this video really helpful as well as following this awesome IG.

Let me know below if you have tried the Keto diet and how it went! Hope this answers some peoples questions about Keto.

Say no to juicing

I'm surprised at the amount of people who still like to juice these days. I always thought it was a fad trend that would eventually go away, but still some people are holding on. Surprisingly, even a few of the health bloggers I follow do this and often recommend it. Just the other day I saw a video of someone showing you how to juice and I couldn't help but laugh at it. Juicing just seems so silly to me, I never understood it. My mom would make us drink them every morning when we were younger. They were disgusting! My brother and I would always joke that she would just juice anything she could find. So why is juicing such a bad option?

1. It has a lot of sugar

Often, in order to make the juices taste remotely good, you need to put a lot of fruit in it. When you juice fruit, you are taking all the fiber out of it and just keeping the sugar. Your body can process the sugar in fruit slowly because of the fiber but remove that and you are drinking straight up sugar water which can raise blood sugar as much as soda.

2. Calories

Juicing often has more calories than if you were to just eat the fruit. When we eat fruit, our body has to work to break it down. When you drink juice there's no work, your body just takes in the sugar there's not as much work to break it down.

3. It's expensive

When you juice you're throwing away the really good part of fruits and vegetables. What you might normally consume in a day or two, you do it in one glass. It takes a lot of fruits and vegetables to make up one juice, now imagine doing that everyday. It gets expensive and you end up wasting money.

4. It's not that good for you

Simply put its better to just eat the food. The skin not only has fiber but a lot of really good things in it. Even if are doing a green juice, like the one I saw in the video, its probably not that good. In the recipe she juiced, celery, apple, cucumber, and kale. Two of those are mostly water, I'm not even sure how much juice you can get from kale and apples without the fiber are basically sugar water. It can also be harmful if you're not careful about how much of something you're putting in a recipe. Yes even too much of a good thing is bad.

Juicing is by no means the worst thing in the world. It can be a good way of getting vitamin C and other vitamins for someone who doesn't eat any fruits and vegetables. But it's also not the best option. You would have to do mostly vegetables, a lot of them, and probably add supplements in order for it to be worth it. When done right, juicing is crazy expensive and just not necessary. So just do what the rest of us do and hold you're nose while eating your kale.

Top 5 Christian Books for Kids

I have thought about writing this for a while. Theres a lot of really good books out there, but theres also a lot of really bad ones. Sometimes books are branded as "Christian" when they teach nothing about God or the bible, or maybe teach something contrary to it. So I am sharing the books I use on a regular basis with the kids. Mostly with Jed (4) because Luke is still too young to understand some of these but its important to start now with him too. So here are my top 5, I guess you could call them theology, books for kids. I have some really good fiction ones too but more on that later.

1. My first Read and Learn Bible
This is my favorite toddler bible. Its simple and easy read and not too long. Im hoping Jed will be able to read it soon and he can read it to Luke.

2. The Young Readers Bible 
I actually bought this at a yard sale! And it has been the best kids bible I've come across. He owns a few other ones but this is by far my favorite. Its the one RJ reads to him every night. It has the reference to where its found in the bible and the stories are very true to the actual scriptures. It also has characters in the front and who they are and a small theology section in the back.  

3. My best ever book of bible stories.
This is such a clever book. The last three books my mother in law sent me. This one tells the bible in a rhyme. Its super cute and Jed thinks its a lot of fun. Its also fun if you ever use puppets or little action figure to tell bible lessons. I enjoy reading it on my own because its so cute. 

4. My 1st book and more.

These last two books are what I would call childrens theology books. They focus on truths that kids can learn about God. This one is almost like a devotional. It has a truth about God and it explains it in a way kids can understand. We try to do one after our bible reading in the mornings.

5. Everything a child should know about God.

This is another theology book that makes it easy for kids to understand more about God. It explains things really simply. It talks about how God made angels, how God is holy, miracles, how the church began. It also has questions at the end of each truth, which is awesome. I think its so important to dialogue with kids so that they can hear what they're thinking and talk things through. Its an easy read too, so it won't take long to go through all of it.

These are the five books that I find really helpful in teaching the boys. We love books and sometimes it can be overwhelming to have too many so we tend to rotate them out. Kids, like adults, need to hear the same thing over and over to learn it. So RJ has actually gone through the entire kids bible a lot with him and he's memorized some of the stories. Its awesome to see him pick stuff up and start to ask  questions.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know some of your favorite books down below. I love finding new ones.

The Mins Games

On my last post I talked a little about minimalism and how our family has come to embrace the concept of it. I got a lot of good feedback and even some emails with people saying they've been wanting to do similar things but find it really difficult. Let me introduce you to the minimalist game! Its a really simple concept by Joshua and Ryan. Its a game you play with someone for 30 days. You get rid of something each day, according to the number date. So the for example on the 12th of November you get rid of 12 things, the 13th its 13, and so on. The first few days it can be easy but as you get further in the month it gets harder. But the reason it works is because you have to really start being intentional about what you get rid of towards the end. Even if you cant get through the whole month, its a good way to kick off a decluterring.

So the way I do it is just make sure that by the end of each night whatever I'm getting rid of is in a box and in the garage. In the original game its suppose to be out of the house but I'm not about to go to the thrift store everyday, ain't nobody got time for that. I'm also flexible on adding days together if you're doing a room at a time. When all is said and done you should be rid of 465 things (if I know math). That is such a great start to decluttering or just reevaluating all of your things. Its really kicked me into a purge and nothing is safe. So I challenge you to give it a try! Even if you don't do it all month, you can still get rid of some stuff.

Let me know in the comments or email if you're giving it a try! Sending everyone who goes all month a little gift :) Happy Purging!

The minimalist approach

I guess I am what I like to call a minimalist. I think when most people think minimalist, they think one bedroom apartment, with white walls, a couch and a table. But that's not necessarily the definition of a minimalist. I don't view minimalism as certain rules to abide by, but instead a way to view possessions. This is probably one of the best definitions on it I've read. I try to constantly declutter and get rid of things we don't need, use, or have a lot of. It can be challenging with kids but I think its important to start when they're young so you can teach them. I try and talk to my oldest about how decluttering can help us enjoy our space to play and we can take better care of the things we have. I also remind him that Its important to not place value on material things, that's its OK if something gets broken or lost. He is very sentimental so this is tough for him at times, but he's learned to let go a little and has even volunteered certain toys to giveaway.

It all started with my husband who I think at heart is a real minimalist. He has always had few possessions. Everything he owns can probably fit in a closet. The only thing he consistently takes on all of our moves are old letters from when we were dating and books (some might say we have a lot of books, and I cant argue that). He probably got me started on the whole idea that material possessions were just not that important. I'm not by nature a minimalist, quite opposite, I might be a closet hoarder. I like stuff, I grew up with my mom showing me love by, you guessed it, buying me stuff. So when my husband challenges me to get rid of that stuff I wanted none of it. I actually thought he was quite crazy, but the more we talked about it, the more I realized he was right. So even though he was probably the main reason to start it, he wasn't the only one.

There were a few reasons why I finally decided to be intentional about getting rid of things. We helped a few people move and I realized it was really hard to move so much stuff, stuff that most people never even used. Moving has actually been one of the biggest reasons for me, I ask myself constantly, am I willing to move this? A lot of times the answer is no. We've moved 5x since we've been married, that's about once a year. Each time it wasn't that hard, moving is never fun but its unbearable when the person you're moving has a lot of things. So I try to be realistic about what a small family (family of 4) really needs and Its not a whole lot. But an even bigger reason is stress. Having things stresses me out, because things cause clutter. So I try really hard to maintain only what we can keep track of, and as we speak I'm thinking about 50 million things to get rid of. It's still a process for me, I try and fill a couple of boxes each month.

This is just what works best for our family, I don't think its for everyone. I don't think you're an awful person if you have a lot of stuff. I think its a matter of what you can best handle without going crazy. For me, the amount of stuff I have directly coordinates with my level of crazy. So we try our very hardest to keep things to a minimum. It also helps us not put so much value on possessions and we don't get as emotionally attached to things. It really is a great way to view possessions but it can be really hard. Lets face it, everything in society makes us want more things. So trying to completely change what can be very innate in us, can be hard, but not impossible.

Going to be trying the minimalist game for November if you're wanting a jump start. More on my IG.

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