The joys of pregnancy

That picture was taken when I was pregnant with Jed, 3+ years ago. Back when I was naive and excited and thought that pregnancy was beautiful and magical and everything like the magazines. Boy was I wrong! Being pregnant with Jed was constant vomiting, I think my record was about 8x in one day. I would vomit in the morning, at the smell of things, on car rides, because I sneezed! It was awful. Then when I was pregnant with Ben it wasn't that bad. It was actually pretty mild. I threw up about once a day, but that was it. So I forgot all about how awful being pregnant was and was actually super excited that it wouldn't happen this pregnancy. Ha!

This time around is almost as bad as with Jed. Today I threw up just as RJ was getting home. He asked me if I was ok, and I told him I needed to go upstair because I peed a little as I was throwing up. Yup! So if one more person tells me just how wonderful being pregnant is I might just step on their toes. Pregnancy is a blessing, Its wonderful, It's joyful, but it does in fact stink. It's like being on that ride at the fair where you lay down and its spins really fast. It gives you both a headache and makes you want to vomit, and sometimes pee a little. Oh, and you get fat.

Baby #3!!!!

We are very excited to announce Baby #3, due in September. We have a lot of different emotions at different times, but mostly we are over the moon. Jed seems to be both excited and not interested, depending on when you ask. When we gave him the ultrasound picture and said thats the baby he basically said thats nice, and handed it back to us. Haha.

We are already so in love! Can't wait to meet you, Baby.

Diary of a sugar addict

we are now on day 5 of the new year, and day five of my no sugar resolution. i'm honestly a little shocked that I've made it this far with minimal heartache. a lot of it has to do with me getting sick initially, but also my desire to just be done with my old lifestyle. as my friend mayra would put it, i was eating chocolate teddy bears in my spare time. i think its safe to say i have (had) a sugar addiction. i would eat a half pint of ben and jerrys daily! on a good day! on a desperate day i would eat the whole thing, followed by some milk duds. i would wash it all down with some double bubble. i say this because things got pretty pathetic, worst of all, i didn't really notice how bad things actually were. i went to the dr over the holiday and of course they weigh you ( don't know why, I'm there for strep throat, not a reality check). so i was shocked. shocked! to find out how much i weighed. i seriously tried to contain the tears, because i am not about to have a mental breakdown in the drs office. what i was most frustrated about is that before i moved i had been working really hard to loose weight and all that hard work was gone. 

since we're getting pretty deep here, i can share that weight has always been an issue for me. in middle school i was pretty chubs, so in high i made really poor choices to make sure i wasn't. around jr year of college i gained more weight than i would have liked and i think ever since i have struggled with my weight. i was pretty small when i got married all the way up until i was pregnant with Ben, where i struggled with being depressed and really just lost all self control. which brings us to minimally trying to get into shape, but not really. i have had a lot of moments where i said things were going to change and i wanted things to change, but for some reason that day at the drs office just impacted me greatly. its hard to explain, but i was almost disgusted. now i say this not because of my weight, but because in that moment i realized how much self control i lack. 

i think that weight is a sensitive subject for a lot of people. its harder for some than it is for others. where i might have to work hard to get into shape, someone else might have to work 2,3,4x as hard as me. i don't really think its fair to make judgements based on something you don't know. i say that because those same judgement have been made on me, and it hurts. you cant possibly know what ties into someones eating habits. I'm not saying that poor eating habits are a good thing, but a lot of time, weight loss is more than just telling someone to eat healthy and exercise. my eating ties with my emotions, and often times when i am at my worst physically, i am also there spiritually. the worst times of my adult life (weight wise) have been when rj and i broke up in college, while we had to live with someone, and after we lost ben. my eating was effected by the rest of what was going on. 

so for some people a year of no sugar might seem really drastic, and maybe it is, but its whats right for me. its not just a "challenging" resolution. its not even a healthy resolution. i see this as a discipline, a practice. changing what i view as a necessity and practicing to say no to myself. its for so much more than loosing weight! i want to be able to say no. these are things that aren't making me healthy, and just the opposite are hurting me. but more than that, the choice to "indulge" or to just give myself whatever i want bleeds into other areas of my life. i need to practice discipline. i have been praying so much more and i just know this is going to be a really great year. i feel renewed in the Lord. I'm excited to see how He will be using us in the months to come and this is one of the small changes i will be making to be more effective in all read of life. 

sorry this turned into such a long post. it kind of got away from me.

and a happy new year

can you believe this is the last day of 2015? where does the time go (sigh)? We didn't take very many Christmas morning pictures this year, we tried to not have our phones out as much and just wanted to enjoy our time as a family. but I have been wanting to share our Christmas card photos, and was trying to wait until our family finally got the card, but since that apparently still hasn't happened (thank you US post office and procrastination), I'm going to share anyways.
 we took these out by the general homes, which are all kinds of amazing. sign me up for 6 bedroom, two garage home, by the woods! not really. those guys put in all kinds of hard work and time to earn all that.
this has been a really crazy year (which hasn't). moving to new york from california was a lot harder than we though. and although we have made some really great friends here, we still miss our friends back home. but it has been really awesome having RJ with us again! Jed has been growing way too fast, my heart just can't take it. sometimes RJ and I look at each other and just cant believe he's our kid (you know, when we're not pulling our hair out). i have my first gray hair! I'm not sure who to blame, RJ or Jed.
one of the main things to change this year is to be more organized. now that we have a schedule and a home of our own, that is a reasonable possibility. I'm starting with a schedule, one that includes less distractions, and more time for the Bible and for family. this means less time for tv and phone, and all the other distractions. another thing that I'm becoming more serious about is the gym. i hope to go at least 3x a week this year. i have been working on that and have managed to go everyday in the past few weeks. 
this next one is pretty big for me and a little depressing. i'm cutting out SUGAR next year. not all sugar completely, but candy (chocolate), baked sugar, and most things with added sugar. i have developed a really bad habit of having sugar every single day! it has really gotten away from me and I'm done with it. it might seem drastic but its happening! i have made the exception of family birthdays. i have to get away from the idea that sugar is something i need. its something that taste good but isn't good for me and i will most definitely be happier without it. 

this has been a good year. we learned so much and we have grown so much. there are a lot of things that i hope will change in this upcoming year. my main goal for the new year is to work on my self control. i want to make the very best of my time and be present in the moment. teaching our kids good habits (or bad) really begins with us. i want Jed to know its important to be healthy, but also to not be obsessed with it. it can be a hard balance but we are figurine it out. i have a feeling that this new year is going to be the best one yet :)

Christmas shenanigans!

Over the weekend we had our bible study (Pajama) Christmas party. It was so much fun! We had some Tamales!!! Yes! Other really good food, some really fun games, and some hilarious pictures. As seen below....
I think we should send these out as our pictures this year. I mean! The Photo Booth was super easy to make, just black paper and chalk dots. The props were a little more time consuming. Leave it to me to wait until the last minute to do them. I wish I could have finished the santa beard! That was my favorite. Maybe next year. 
My favorite pictures are the ones where no one is ready! ^^^ haha
They are just too cute for words! That little boy is just so adorable. I can't handle it!!!

This is my favorite Christmas game! If you want a sure way to make people look ridiculous, this is it!^^^^
This game was pretty hard. You had to make the card hang off the edge but have it not fall, just by blowing on it.
This is another sure way to make people look ridiculous. You had to get the ball to land on your nose and stick there (with vaseline).
A sure way to get inappropriate videos. So much hip thrusting!! Hahaha. Not sure what this was called but basically you had to get all the ribbon from one side of the yardstick to the other by moving your hips.
Then we played, pie in the face.....

which is just hilarious! Specially if you capture it in slow motion. Oh and Josh (pictured above) just HATES whip cream, he almost vomited. Which makes it all the more hilarious.
A great time was had by all. We sure do miss home, but nights like this make it a little easier. Wishing everyone a really merry Christmas and if you get to be with your family at this time, don't take it for granted. Ill be home for Christmas has a whole new meaning for us!