Tea Party Bridal Shower

Finally here are the pictures for Michelle's Bridal shower. The theme was both breakfast and tea party. I was so blessed at how many people said they wanted to help. So many people brought food and other things that I hardly had to get anything. You could truly see God working through it all. Michelle absolutely loved it and it was so much fun! So here it is...

The set up. We just set up some tables with table cloths. Then we put tea sets on each table along
with a simple center piece.

The food was delicious! We had all breakfast food, no cake!

This was the tea table...

We had some games. 1 game you had to make a wedding dress out of play dough.
In this game you had to guess how old she was in the pictures.
The wisdom tree! We had a tree where you could leave your advice for the bride.
The favors were little Tea spoons that read: when you have some tea. Say a prayer for me.

Finally, the beautiful Bride...

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Gigi said...

cousin, you are very artistic!...also, your blog page is so pretty, you must re-do mine sometime.

Daisy said...

Thank you! Mine took me a while. I would love to help you do yours! I see like a baby theme :)

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