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So I wanted to tell you guys all about Texas! I seriously had a great time while I was there, the drive there was also a lot of fun. We cleaned up about 6 to 7 house while we were there, there were over 200 house on the list and about 1,500 that burned down. It was truly sad to see the houses burned down to nothing and to see the pain in the homeowners. I was glad that we were able to help with something even if it was simple. We did clean up which was shoveling all the ash into a pile. One of the most heart breaking stories was this family who bought a house on a Wednesday and the fire burned it down on Friday. They only owned their house for about 3 days before it burned down and they had no insurance. One thing that was evident through out this trip was that everything truly is temporary and it can be gone in the blink of an eye. I was convicted of how much stuff I own and how I can get consumed with buying things. Trips like this are good for reminding you of whats important. I ask that you continue to pray for the victims and the workers that are still there.
The team!

What a house looks like after It's burned down.
These were the only 2 houses not burned down in the neighborhood.
What it looks like after we clean it... just a slab.

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Spanish Pinay said...

Oh that is really heartbreaking :( I've witnessed 2 big fires and experienced evacuating our home trying to carry all our valuables to save them from the fire. Good thing that our house were saved for both chances. Although I haven't experienced having our home burned down to ashes, I've felt the horrid of seeing your home almost swallowed by a big red burning monster and seriously, I am traumatized by it. What more those people who actually became victims of the fire and have everything they own turn into ashes :(

Your are an inspiration to many, Daisy. I hope there are more like you and your team that'd be able to help people like victims of disasters.

More power!!

Spanish Pinay

Meg Issacs said...

Wow, that is heartbreaking. I am sop thankful that God uses people like you to help touch lives and do the dirty work.

When my husband was young their house burnt down, it was a devastating and life changing event. Everything you own can be gone in an instant. Praise the Lord that He is constant and a constant comfort.

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