The case of the missing tape: Solved!

When I go to work this morning the internet was down for a while in the office. So I decide to solve the case of who stole my tape dispenser. So I drew a missing sign, see below.

 The fine print reads: No reward will be given. This is what I do when I have too much time on my hands. It ended up paying off because somebody turned it in (oh yeah). If any of you are thinking that it looks like a  baby in a manger (like many of my facebook friends) here is the picture with the retrieved tape.

Yup drawn to a tee.... and to scale. If anybody wants me to do their portrait in light of this evidence I will be happy to. So there you have it, CASE SOLVED.

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Jessica said...

LOL, the fine print made me laugh! You should've put an asterisk next to the 'reward!!!' text XD

congrats on finding your tape :X


wHiT said...

Lol good work!
- wHiT

Erin said...

ha ha ha this made me smile :) way to crack the case!

Britt said...

LOL! I think I just peed myself. This was truly genius. It's like something that would come out in the office!

Kim said...

ha ha ha that made me laugh!

Just started a beauty/fashion blog hop! come and join in

Spanish Pinay said...

hahaha! very witty. Sherlock Holmes is in no way at par with you.

and that drawing skills of yours? astonishing!

Spanish Pinay

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