Final vacation day

Good Morning Everyone, it's Friday which means the last day of vacation! So on Monday it's back to reality. I hope that everyone is having a great week so far. I just came on to say that dinner was a success yesterday because we had sandwiches. I know, not a real meal right? But today I made waffles and they were pretty good. So now we're off to Ikea because it's RJd day off. Can't wait to share what we bought. Have a great weekend and see you Monday where everything will be back to normal.

P.S. I have Siri and it is so cool! Oh and those are some pictures from this morning in our house :)

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Amanda said...

You are glowing with happiness and I love it! :) :)
Have a blessed weekend.


Spanish Pinay said...

What a coincidence.. we went to Ikea too and we are beat! Uff 5.5 hours in that gigantic store with a 2yr old toddler? Craziness! Can't wait to see what you guys got!

Love the glow of happiness in you ;-) hooray to married life!

Spanish Pinay

Mayra Romero said...

this post made me so happy!!!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Ahhh, that look if contentment. It's soothing isn't it?!!!

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