Heather from Morning Glory { Guest Post 4}

Happy Thursday Everyone! I hope you enjoy today's post from Heather who blogs over at Morning Glory :)

Hello Daisy Girl readers! This is Heather from Morning Glory, my little homage to all the things in life that make me happiest. Along with the awkward and/or humorous stories that make college life worth the debt. Almost.

In honor of Daisy’s wedding (woooo!) I thought I’d write about my top five favorite wedding moments:

5.) As a child, I wanted to be many things. First, an astronaut. Then, the president. But I really found my calling when I saw Jennifer Lopez in “The Wedding Planner.” Talk about dream life! I had a binder filled with plans. 1950s-themed wedding? With a hairstyle to put Lizzie Mcguire to shame? Done. I didn’t become a wedding planner, but Pinterest kind of makes me feel like I am.

4.) I was a flower girl for my aunt and uncle’s wedding when I was nine. I was also in singing lessons at the time, so someone decided it’d be cool if I serenaded them at the reception. Minutes before performing, someone stepped on my foot with their stiletto, and I dissolved into sobs. I still sang “Candle on the Water,” as promised. I just did it as a blubbery, hiccuping mess. It was a precious moment that was thankfully documented on many photos and videotapes for years to come.

3.) At another aunt’s wedding when I was three, I decided the ring bearer was a total hottie. I chased him around under tables for awhile, thinking it was a fun game, until he cried. Pretty much a preview of my high school years.

2.) “The Office,” Pam and Jim’s wedding episode. It never stops being magical.

1.) Cake. Just...cake. 

So there you have it, a glimpse into my romantic soul. Feel free to stop by and visit anytime, I’d love to hear from you!


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Danie at Pasadya said...

#4! So hilarious and adorable! Loved the countdown, Heather. :)

Spanish Pinay said...

#3 is so cute! shame on that woman who stepped on you with her stilletos... that must have hurt. But you were a real trooper! ;-)

#4 is just so funny :-d

Spanish Pinay

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