Today is our monthaversary and I could not be happier. I can't believe we have been married for a whole month already. So why am I celebrating something so silly like just 1 month? Because some people are only married days or weeks, so I think It's something to celebrate. When we pass our 72 day mark we will throw a party. Ha!

So here are some of the things I have learned about R.J. in just one month....

1. He eats a lot! We will go through 2 gallons of milk in a week! How crazy is that.
2. He will eat anything I put in front of him.
3. He's a neat freak.
4. He goes through a lot of laundry because he only owns like 20 things.
5. His shoes are huge! He only has 5 pairs but he still manages to take most of the closet space.
6. He thinks I'm hilarious (which I am). He'll try to get me to say something funny on command. I tell him I practice when he's not home and I'm out of material.
7. He loves to go shooting. If he could go shooting  everyday he would.
8. He's a big softie. His favorite thing to do is talk right before we go to bed.

Isn't he a cutie? I tell him that I must be God's favorite because He gave me you.

P.S. I want to thank all you liars who said my outfit post was not that bad. Ill try to do a better one this week. Promise.

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Jes said...

happy monthaversary!

and i don't understand the laundry thing. chris does it too. and i feel like he only ever washes 3 items at once. wasting water, my friend. that's what chris does.

enjoy your day!

Ruthie Hart said...

happy 1 month of marriage! I swear it will fly by! xoxo

Valerie Griffin said...

happy 1 month!

Michelle said...

This is SO cute!! I love that you did this.

And seriously...boys eat SO MUCH. It's ridiculous. And the laundry? I can't even go there.

I wish my husband was a neat freak! You hold on to that one ;)

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness I can't believe it's been a month already! :) This is precious. I LOVE that you celebrate each month.. I get excited about each month and some people think I'm crazy.. I like your train of thought!
Happy Month to you & RJ :)

Allyson Butler said...

Happy Monthaversary! This post is so cute...I totally feel you about the milk thing. Keith drinks it with every meal, so I can't imagine what it will be like when we're married and having to do the grocery shopping!


Becky Borgman said...

Yaaaaaay! Happy monthiversary :)! The months will go faster and faster!

Melissa said...

Yay! Happy monthiversary! We celebrate every month too! You had a huge bridal party. I love it!

Rolled Up Pretty said...

This is SO cute! Isn't it funny the things that you realize once you move in with someone? HA! HAPPY MONTHAVERSARY! That is AWESOME!

Nichole said...

I love love love the picture! Wedding Wednesday when your ready please :)
Love the colors and your sweet observations of him!

Danielle said...

Haha number 6 made me laugh!

Danielle said...

And congrats on one month of marriage! WooHoo!

Spanish Pinay said...

awww.. you two are such a sweet couple :) I miss our talk on bed before sleeping now that we have this fierce little one who co-sleeps with us. Our "talk before bed" is now literally before bed... hehe before we go to our room to sleep.

Spanish Pinay

Purposely at Home said...

I lOvE the outfits! And the boots??? TOO CA-UTE! :)


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