My day with Charlie

I had a pretty eventful Saturday with Charlie the Goldendoodle.  Charlie is my in-laws super adorable dog who I have become very fond of. He is playful, funny, oblivious, and a big wimp. On Saturday while visiting my in-laws I decided to take him for a walk around the block. Well to my dismay this would be no ordinary walk, this would be a walk for the books.

We started walking like normal when half way down the block I hear some loud barking coming from one of the houses. I try to see what it is and to my surprise it was a small German Shepherd barking at some dogs. I quickly decided to turn back before the loose dog saw Charlie but it was too late! He spotted him. So we are staring down with this dog 20 feet away and my adrenaline starts running. I start thinking about Charlie and how sad everyone will be if he gets killed. So as the dog is approaching him I quickly get in front of him and yell: "No, stop, stay." In my loudest, harshest tone, while standing as big as I could. And what do you know, the dog backs down. So I quickly grab Charlie and jet for home. Meanwhile Charlie has no idea what just happened he decides to stop and pee on a tree. So now I am on high alert! Out of the corner of my eye I see a pit bull that is also out. I know what you're thinking. What are the chances? That is exactly what I was thinking! We didn't even make it to the end of the block and we saw two loose dogs.

So the pit bull of course quickly spots Charlie and starts running towards him. I decided to try the same method... no luck the dog is still coming. So I quickly let go of his leash and yell: "Run home Charlie". Which he does and to which the pit bull decides to follow. So here I am chasing a pit bull, who is chasing Charlie, who is running home. Then the Pit bull owner starts yelling at the dog to come over, the dog listens and now Charlie is following the pit bull. I talk to the owner who told me that dog is harmless and just looks mean. I was relieved and glad that was over. Needless to say I'm never taking Charlie on a walk again.

I also killed two spider this weekend after going shooting with my husband. If you know me you know that killing to spiders is huge for me. My husband says I'm turning into a bad""". I kind of am, next on my list is riding my husbands Harley (ha). 

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Valerie Griffin said...

he is so cute!

Danie at Pasadya said...

HAHAH! This is hilarious! Don't you just hate it when you're chased by dogs??

And the THAT is my husband's job. One time I was talking on the phone with my parents and started telling them about a new pair of sandals that I was soooo excited to wear. Picked up the sandals inside the closet...held them up to my face (about 4 inches between face and sandals) while I was excitedly talking...and realized that there was a HUGE cockroach hanging out on one of the sandals. It was NOT a good situation. Lots of screaming, dropping the phone AND shoes, and scaring my husband...and the cockroach, probably.

Karla said...

What the .. who the .. have these owners ever heard of leashes?! My biggest fear are big mean dogs.. esp when my little one is a playful little yorkie that has no idea how big he really is! Haha what an eventful walk.. but wait what about a dog of your own… any luck with that?

Jennifer Blair said...

Oh my gosh! He is adorable! I want one now! :)

Stephanie said...

Even if the owner says he's harmless, a barking pit bull running after another dog would totally freak me out!

Btw, Charlie is adorable. We have some friends with a golden doodle and he's just the sweetest boy. He looks a lot like Charlie. :)

Maggie said...

1st, Charlie is too stinkin cute and I love his name.

2nd, that sounds like the most stressful walk ever. Glad y'all got home safely!

And 3rd, way to go for killing 2 spiders! I'm such a chicken when it comes to bugs. That's my girly thing I guess.

Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Hahaha this story was hilarious!
I'm so glad that you (and Charlie of course) made it home safe!

My parents have pit bulls and they too look mean but are truly big teddy bears :)

Charlie is adorable!


Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Ok so I love Charlie period the end. And any good spider is a dead spider. They are bad right now. Son had one crawling on his arm and we seriously smashed it until it was a pancake!

Emily grapes said...

what are the odds, seriously!!? I love how the owner says it just "looks mean"...right right... haha

Way to stand up tall to the dogs and killing spiders...and shooting!!? Nice!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Rolled Up Pretty said...

I HATE spiders! We went and checked out our house last night and there was THE BIGGEST spider in the kitchen sink, my husband wasn't there so I didn't dare to smash it. I had nightmares all night that it laid eggs all over the house. I pray that's not true! :) WHY DIDN'T I SMASH IT???!!! Oh and GO CHARLIE!

ginanorma said...

CUTE story, we use to have a Golden doodle but she was too hard to take care of so we adopted her glad your in laws have one so you can enjoy!!! they are thee cutest loviest, sweetest dogs on earth, aren't they!? and congrats on your one month anniversary already!

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