Week in i phone pictures

1. Decorating a wedding is hard work but it looked great.
2. The wedding party.
3. The cute Bride.
4. My new friend. Isn't he cute?
5. My in-laws. Precious.
6. My favorite game right now!
7. This catalog. I have to find the cheap version of all of these things.
8. My natural hair is curly! Surprise?!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We're going to a themed wedding shower tomorrow! So excited. Any fun plans?

P.S. I'm doing a fathers day post this Sunday, hope you can stop by. Maybe I'll do a link up. Any takers?

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fhenny said...

the wedding looks great!
i love your blog dear
have just followed you :)

style frontier

Amanda said...

The wedding looks gorgeous! I love your hair! You have beautiful curls :)

Jayme and Mendi said...

Great photos! Looks like it was a gorgeous wedding!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Stephanie said...

The wedding looks so lovely! I'd love to be surrounded by those beautiful flowers.

Emily grapes said...

Such a pretty horse!! I love horses.

I like your curly hair! So pretty. Have a blast at the themed shower. How fun will that be!?
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Amanda Wissmann said...

Hello! Stopping in from Mary in Marriedland! Just checking out a few blogs from her "Dear Readers" post today. Love your blog! So very cute and love ALL of the pics!

Looking forward to catching up on more posts. Hope you don't mind if I follow!

Blessings and have a fabulous day!

christine donee said...

those flowers are gorgeous! go you!

his little lady said...

her wedding dress is gorgeous!!! and that horse!!! how fun!
xo TJ

christina said...

what fun! we went to a wedding this weekend...! :)

Karla said...

aww you're too cute.. love your hair!Words with friends?!
oh and I say yes to a link up :)

trishie said...

I would love to decorate a wedding even though it's hard work i'm sure it's fun too?

Ashley said...

love your curly hair chica!! and that bride is so gorgeous!

jennifer blair said...

Whoa! The bride is gorg!! Your hair is so amazing! Love!

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