Day 2 {Yard Sales}

The beloved yard sale. What can one say? It is the assurance that we buy more stuff than we need, and yet who doesn't love em'!? Yard Sales are  my favorite way to shop because you can buy things for as cheap as a quarter and sometimes even get things for free.

The Rules

1. No early birds. It's considered bad manners to show up early and try to purchase before the yard sale begins. Follow the rules like everyone else and show up on time.

2. Location is key. Check out the neighborhood and the people putting it on. Do they have similar taste? Do they have kids? What can you find? Don't waste your time going to a yard sale where all the clothes are for 60 year old women if that's not your style. It also helps to read descriptions when they post them on the Pennysaver.

3. Bring a friend. It's better to have a second pair of eyes.

4. Bring Cash. Seems like an obvious one. But  we always forget to bring change, you know, like the jingling kind.

5. Bargain. Yard sales, like Mexico, are one the few places where bargaining is expected. Make an offer and see if they take it.

6. Walk away! I mentioned this yesterday but It's important. Remember It's a yard sale, you should not be paying $5 for a shirt.

7. Know your prices. Generally yard sales should go something like:
Clothing .25-1.00
Toys: .25-2.00
Jewelry: .10-2.00
Furniture: 5.00-50.00
Housewares: .25-10.00
This is not strict but the general rule of thumb (at least here in So Cal).

The plan
If you're serious about yard sales then you should have a plan of attack.

Look them up. Looking up yard sales in the penny saver and Craigslist saves a lot more time than driving around.

Know what you're looking for. Yard Sale, Estate Sale, Block Sale. Each one offers something different.

Yard Sale: Depends on the owner
Estate Sale: Usually most things in the house are selling which means big furniture.
Block Sale: Variety of things.

Have a driving route: Map it out to save time and be efficient. Hit the most promising ones first.

Wake up early. Wake-wake, eggs and bakey! You have to get up early if you want the good stuff.

 Bring snacks. If you want to be a hardcore yard sale nut you cant veer off the path. Bring snacks and save time from having to pick something up. 

You just had a crash course on Yard Sale 101. You are now ready to get out there...

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Tamaras Blend said...

So cool! I always see yard sales in movies. Where I live it's not a tradition to have a yard sale, unfortunately! Might have to change that ;)

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Emily grapes said...

haha, you would have been so disappointed in me with my yard sale and the prices I had on my clothes!

I'm with you though on the 'no early birds'. Some of those people are so pushy before evening starting the yard sale.

I would love to have an estate sale for my stuff...get rid of it all, I say!! haha
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Behold the Metatron said...

I'd love to have a yard sale. I have too much crap!


Clio said...

I wish people had yard sales in Ireland!

Marie said...

I would love to buy stuff from a yard sale, we don't have tt in Singapore :(

Becky [Apples of Gold] said...

Love this series, girl! You definitely just schooled me!!

Katie said...

Just found your blog and love it! And now I'm looking for some local yard sales coming up... :)

The Management said...

I would love to spent a whole day going to yard sales! I love the thrill of a great find, hha. Makes me feel so accomplished!

Allyson Butler said...

I love yard sales! I haven't been in too long!

Lisamarie said...

Oh man.... I love garage/yard sales so very much. Throwing them and going to them!

ginanorma said...

I hardly hit any this summer, darn it! Maybe next year, these are good tips:)

trishie said...

Great tips! Now i'm so ready for a yard sale.

Spanish Pinay said...

I sooo wish there's yard sale here too! Spain needs to learn more about finding treasure from other people's junk ;-)

Spanish Pinay

christina said...

great tips! thanks to pinterest...I want to go a yard sail!!

Danie at Pasadya said...

Oooh, great tips! I used to go to garage sales all the time when I was little with my mom. Definitely miss doing that!

Just watched the Today show for a few moments and saw a lady that hasn't bought anything new (except underwear and things for basic needs) for FIVE years. Crazy, right?

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