Thrifting {Day 3}

Today is the last day of the thrifting series and I decide to leave you with the final thrifting tips. So I bring you Free Stuff, Thrift stores, and Flea markets. Yesterday we talked about Yard Sales which is generally the cheapest way to buy thing, unless you can find it for......

Free. It's possible! Just the other day I found a pile of free wood on the side of the road, so I rolled up my sleeves and in my car it went. Although free stuff is ideal, it also harder to find, but not impossible. You can look in the Pennysaver as well as Craigslist for listing of people giving away free items.

Thrift Stores. One of my favorites, specially when you find a good one. A few things you should find out about your local thrift store.

Do they have coupons? Surprisingly, a lot of them do. At some you can get a certain percent off when you donate clothes too.

Do they have sales? One of my favorite thrift stores has sales everyday. You get 40% of based on the color of the tag and the color of the day. I always try to go on a purple day.

Where are they located? Most thrift stores get their merchandise by donations. So if you want designer clothes then a thrift store in Beverly Hills is a good bet.

Flea Markets. One of my favorites! You can always find such a variation of things for sale. Flea markets are a mix between a yard sale and a farmers market. You can find things very discounted but not as much as you would at a yard sale. My favorite things to shop for are usually fruits, antiques, and plants. Like I said, variation.

There you have it! These are some of the ways that you can save money. I apologize to my international readers who mentioned they don't have Yard Sales. I hear that other countries have the best flea markets though. Is that true?

I hope you enjoyed the thrifting mini series.

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christina said...

I wish we had a flea market close!!

p.s. have you ever heard of freegans? It is a whole lifestyle based on free things... my husband a I always tease when people leave things our that the freegans will get it ;)

great tips!!!! I am all about sales...!

Katie said...

You're killing me! Now I'm dying to go thrifting (spell check says thats not a word, I disagree!) :)

Liz Brown said...

I kind of go in cycles where I am always on the lookout for thrift stores, and garage sales, and any kind of possible bargain. Then its like for a while my 'thrifty eyes' take a break and I get things at Walmart and Target :P I need to get back into my thrifty cycle!

The Management said...

free stuff makes me giddy.

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

Free is my middle name. Who doesn't love it

Amanda said...

I've never had much "luck" at thrift stores because I don't have the patience to look through everything.. I need to learn to be patient so I can find some goods! HA! :)

Spanish Pinay said...

Great tips, Daisy!
While we do not have yard or flea markets (not much and not often) here, I make it a point that I only buy things on sale. Sometimes I indulge myself on buying some important things on their full price BUT it is about once in a blue moon :-D

Spanish Pinay

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