i'm doing a series this week on all things thrifting. i'm going to talk about the most effective ways to shop and save money. the bible teaches us to be a good steward of our money, so we're going to see how we can do that in this day and age. first in the series today is thrifting basics. What are the essentials to thrifting....

it might take you a while to find exactly what you're looking for. it took me a year to finally find overalls at a thrift store. you need patience when you're looking for that hidden gem, it's out there.

unique style.
if you want to be trendy then thrifting might not be the best way to do that. you can't find the latest bubble necklace at your local thrift store. so you might have to be creative and change your style a bit.

keep a list.
this is essential for me. i keep a list on my phone of all the things i want to buy, shoes, pants, blouses, etc. it helps me too look for specific things when i'm shopping, then i'm less likely to make an impulse buy.

have a budget.
if you just walk into a store with no budget you are more likely to over spend. when you set a budget for yourself you buy the things you really need/like and are forced to put the others back.

walk away.
you have to be able to walk away from something. remember it is only clothes. when something is not the right price or over budget, simply walk away.

get rid of things.
don't be a pack rat! my rule of thumb is if i'm buying new clothes then i need to give old ones away. it is easy to become a pack rat when thrifting but not if you set up rules for yourself.

like it or leave it.
a lot of times i will buy something because i want to make my trip worth it. don't do that! if you don't absolutely like it, then don't buy it. because chances are that it will be sitting in your house or closet collecting dust. i can't tell you how much money i could have saved with some of the things i bought.

 these are some of the thrifting basics that you need to know before you go out there. most important is to always remember that it's not the clothes that make the person but the character.

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Amanda said...

These are awesome, thanks :) I don't ever have patience for thrifting,, I need to work on that! XO

Rachel said...

Great tips! My husband and I apply your last one to pretty much all shopping. I'll never buy something just because it's practical or because it's a good price, because i know that no matter how cheap it is, I won't get my money's worth out of it.
So instead I always ask, "Will I regret it for the rest of my life if I don't buy this ......?"
And if the answer is no, I won't regret it, then I don't buy it. Dramatic? Yes, but it works.

Janet Mandell said...

I love these tips!! I usually buy and return a lot but it's such a pain in my you know what.... Lack of time!!y friends say just buy and decide at home. I usually buy and never return cuz I love it 99 percent of the time. Guess I'm a shopper who knows what I want....

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Emily grapes said...

I always tell myself I should get into thrifting since everyone always talks it up but I never seem to get around to it!

With that said, I love your tips! Definitely going in with a budget is key. One time I went into an antique store to browse and walked out spending hundreds of dollars. haha It would have doubled had they taken my Amex card. haha

I'm also a firm believer of getting rid of clothes or items when getting more things. I purged a bunch of things and actually want to get rid of a bunch more home goods items. Its becoming too much!!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

ginanorma said...

good tips, I've been buying used for 25 years, so I think this is a good list;)

The Management said...

these are good thrifting tips. I'm such a sucker for the impulse purchases- it just feels so sad to leave the store with nothing, haha.

Marjorie Stradinger said...


One other thing I have found is that if you want designer clothes, it matters where the thrift shop is. If you go to a shop in Beverly Hills, for instance, the selection is likely to be more upscale than in some other kinds of areas. Thrift shops cater to their markets, just like all stores.

And, I have found some really cool clothes on EBay that are way more expensive new or retail.

It's all in the first item: patience.

Good rules of thumb.

Also, I, unfortunately, buy things if they are within budget even if I don't like them--with the same results as your no-nos. Stupid. I have a new resolution to only buy what I really like.

Amanda Wissmann said...

I love thrifting! Too bad they don't have thrift stores in Peru, but makes going home fun!

Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

It's amazing how you can go to some stores and they stink and some you hit the jackpot

thompson said...

i love that you started with patience. that's the hardest part...for anything actually...! it does pay off when you wait for the right thing. great tips!

Kristin said...

What great tips! I love thrifting, and I can be guilty of the pack-rat tendencies too. Just recently did a MAJOR purge of my closet, and I love your idea of keeping a list of just what you need so you can stay on purchasing track! Thanks for sharing these!

becca said...

this is priceless!

I'm just learning how to say no to less-than-100%-perfect items.

Becky [Apples of Gold] said...

You are AWESOME! [Which is why I gave you a big ol' shout out in today's post...girl, I LOVE this series!!]

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