1st Trimester must haves

Since I am well into the second trimester of this wonderful pregnancy, I wanted to share with you my first trimester must haves. I know a lot of fellow bloggers and readers are pregnant and although every pregnancy is different, some things are similar. So if you're anything like me (and end up in the bathroom the 1st 3 months) you might relate to this list.

1. Prenatal Vitamin. Were the first thing I bought when I found out I was pregnant. I called my previously pregnant friends and asked them what they recommend. So off to Target I went...

2. Pillow. I spent a lot of time with my pillow the first 2 months, so make sure you have a good one.

3. Jamba Juice. For about a good two weeks all I could have were fruit smoothies. Jamba Juice was a must stop on the way home.

4. Lotion. I have heard that there is nothing you can do to prevent stretch marks, I like to be delusional and put on lotion anyways. I hope against hope. I also hear that Vitamin E is the way to go.

5. Ice. Was about the only thing that helped with nausea, weird, right?!

6. Sports bra. It's true!

7. Nice toilet seat. I spent most of my time in the bathroom, so a nice toilet seat was a must.

8. Good friends. Although my husband is exceptionally wonderful, he's never been pregnant. You need those friends you can call up and ask all your weird questions to. Because you will have weird questions.

The number one pregnancy must for me, was a good attitude! I spent a lot of time praying about my attitude. It's easy to get frustrated, but I have found that even while pregnant we are still called to serve. Although there will be times where we are not physically able, we can still minister in other ways. You will also receive a lot of advice/opinions from people. I had people tell me that I should be able to not throw up, lift heavy things, and not be so tired (eye roll). EVERY pregnancy is different so don't let anyone make you feel guilty because you can't or choose not to do something that maybe they did.

So far it's been a humbling learning experience! Can't wait to see what's next.

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Jill said...

I wish I knew how to not throw up!!! Oh, my!! That was so miserable! I hope you are past that part! It went away for me this time around at about 11 weeks. Thank the Lord! This pregnancy I am SO TIRED! Just exhausted, and I keep saying that I don't remember this with my first 2. So- yes, I agree- every single pregnancy is different- even for the same Mama!

Hope you are feeling well- and post a picture for us!

Rochelle Z said...

Daisy, I know I've never been pregnant so you couldn't ask me your questions or get advice...I feel like I can't be of much help, but i know that praying for you was a BIG help. I'm sure with being pregnant it's hard to be selfless. I mean who would want to be selfless...its your body...but you have to remember you are taking care of a baby so its not just your body anymore, and thats where the selfless heart, spirit, and attitude must come in. After these first 3 months I think you are already a great mom!

Karla said...

So excited to follow along as little baby grows! And oh gosh I cant even begin to imagine what morning sickness is like.. makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it lol<< I'm weird! lol

Gina Norman said...

nice toilet seat ahahaha love it.

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