What a date night at home looks like

Lately our date nights have consisted of us staying home and watching movies. I'm not sure if it's because I'm pregnant or if I just enjoy my husbands full attention, but I don't mind staying home. Besides, they won't pause the movie at the theaters when I have to go potty (which is a lot lately). I still love going out, but at home I can wear my pajamas! I wonder how different date nights will be once we have the baby. Maybe we should be taking full advantage of the fact that we're free right now. We both agree that it's important to still continue to date, even after the baby. It's a blessing to have both grandparents nearby for babysitting. How do parents do date night? Are we delirious for thinking we can still one?

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Sarah Mc. said...

Yes, parenting makes date night much more humble! Sometimes our dates get a third wheel. Sometimes, dating is during the lunch hour instead of the evening. But you grow to accept the new lifestyle for what it is- a very short season in our lives that passes too fast!

christina said...

yes... and dates at home are great once baby is asleep! I have 3 kiddos so dates come fewer now...but that is just the season we are in :)

Marjorie Stradinger said...

Who takes these pictures? Is there someone else there on date night?

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