We survived 3 weeks!

It has been 3 weeks since our little bundle of joy was born, and..... we're still alive! I have learned a few things in just 3 short weeks. I also have a new respect for parents (and specially moms) everywhere. I gotta tell you, I feel sorta of wimpy lately. This whole parenting thing is kicking my butt. I find myself wanting to complain every second of every day. I'm not sure how moms manage to get dressed every morning, I'm lucky if I take a shower. 

So what have I learned in these 3 weeks?

Sleep is precious! You want a sure way to torture someone? Don't let them sleep. Seriously! 

It's easy to worry. Maybe it comes with the territory. 

Everybody has an opinion. And a different one! Even people who don't have kids love telling us what we should do. 

A day can go by so slowly, yet so quickly. It seems like the day drags on, and yet a whole day will go by and I get nothing done. 

I miss my husband. Alone time is a thing of the past. It seems like all we do is take turns watching the baby while the other does something else. 

These past 3 weeks have been extra tough, but extra growing. God has really given me a lot of patience (that I know I don't have) with our son. The biggest lesson I have learned is that I need to be intentional. Wether it's my time with The Lord, my husband, or my son. I can't just let this season of life happen. 

What are the biggest things you have learned as a mother? 

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Amanda said...

He is so beautiful, Daisy! & so are YOU! I'm not a mom so I don't have any advise but if I was then I would say to write something memorable and special down every single day :)

Jeannie said...

Daisy - these are the words of every new mom. I felt exactly the same way when I first had my daughter. I was never so tired in my life. I don't know if you are breast feeding, but sometimes that makes the sleep thing worse...because you just don't! I only breast fed for the first month. I actually got a breast infection so it was very painful. I feel like I went through so much - physical stress and pain and emotional stress - but I want to tell you HANG IN THERE! It gets way easier. I would say after about 2 months, I started to feel like I could actually do it on my own! I felt like I might actually make it as a mom (as if I had a choice haha). And then you just get happier and happier every day :)

christina said...

awwww he is here!!! ok i have three kiddos..my saving grace is sleep training.it isnt for everyone but i works :) and when baby is sleeping during hte night you get o have alone time with your husband too!

there are a lot of books but i read 12 hours by 12 weeks... email we can chat :)

note: while "sleep training" you feel like you are sleeping less than you ever have ever. but stick with it will work. i have done it 3 times and one of my kiddos was a colic premie ;) and they all slept 8pm/9pm to 7am/8am all night long.with out waking. by 12 weeks of age.

you look lovely. motherhood suits you well!

Becca said...

He is absolutely adorable!!

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