Being a wife and a mother


I haven't talked about marriage in a while on here. It seems as though becoming a mother takes all of my brain power for the time being. I tip my hat to all the moms of twins out there, you must have been extra emotionally stable before children. My husband threatens to take me to the funny farm about once a week. I can't imagine if I had more than one. On the other hand I still can't believe God blessed us with Jed. It's so amazing that we get the blessing of raising him. I can honestly say I can't wait to have more. 

Sometimes in a marriage being a wife seems to take a backseat to being a mother. As Christians our husbands should be our first priority and ministry. It's easy to want to devote everything to your kids, partly I think it's because they don't question, judge, or disagree with you (until they're teenagers!).  Who doesn't love being somebody else's whole world? Often times we think we're doing our kids a favor by centering everything around them. But, I believe that one of the very best things you can do for your children is to have an awesome Christ centered marriage. Which isn't easy, and does take a lot of work. 

So we have been making an intentional effort at just that. We have been reading and praying together. We also make it a point to try and go out or have time alone at least once a week. It has helped that Jed sleeps through the night now, thank you God. We still flirt, talk, and on occasion slap each others butts.  We're still each others best friend. We try not to bicker or judge one another's parenting. If we disagree on something we default to my husbands opinion. Because God calls us to be submissive even in the subjects where we think we know it all :) 

I would love to say this comes naturally, but the truth is it doesn't. Being bossy, judgmental, and overbearing comes pretty easily to me. So being loving, encouraging, and submissive is only by the grace of God. So there's hope! Cling to God moms and wives, because His grace abounds!

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Doodle said...

I'm not a mom or a wife, but I can see how God is working in your life to be the best of both that you can be, all for HIS glory. May the Lord continue to grow you Daisy, in this new chapter of your life.

1990bruinsrock said...
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Becca said...

I love that pic! :)

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