Pregnancies close together

As many of you know, we're due to have our second baby in June. Our due date is exactly 11 months from Jed's birthday. We're having what some people call Irish twins! Although I can't tell you what it's like having two babies close in age, I can tell you what two close pregnancies feel like. Here are 10 things about having close pregnancies.
1. You feel like you've been pregnant forever! It seems like I have been pregnant for two years!! Which I suppose is kind of true, with a little break in between. I'm kind of excited to not be pregnant for a while and to be able to paint my own toes. 

2. You're so tired. Not only does being pregnant make you tired, but you have a newborn to take care of. I can't tell you what it's like to breastfeed and be pregnant but imagine it's even more exhausting. The good news is you can nap when you're baby naps and for me that was often :)

3. People are rude. I can't tell you how many comments I have received from people saying it's sad that I'm pregnant again. They feel the need to let me know that I'm going to neglect my first child. At first you're really hurt but then you learn to get over it. Most of those people had their kids 20 years apart (haha) and can't imagine doing it differently. 

4. You can't move as quickly. Not sure this applies to everyone but it definitely applies to me. People don't wonder if I'm pregnant when they see me, they know. I'm huge! So once I start to show it's harder for me to move. Everything takes longer! But if you're babys not crawling or walking yet, it's not so bad. 

5. People are nice. Although some people can be rude, there's also people who are really nice. People hold the door, carry things for me, help me with things. It's all the good things about being pregnant times two! 

6. You're not as excited. Although I'm excited to have a baby, I'm not as excited about pregnancy. When I was first pregnant I would journal everything, take pictures, read about the baby's development. With this pregnancy I'm not even sure how far along I am. 

7. Your husband is not as excited. He doesn't want to feel your stomach every time the baby kicks or go with you to every appointment. He knows the drill, and he just wants that baby out as much as you do. 

8. Everyone else is not as excited. People would ask me how I was feeling all the time, with Jed. Now I get: "when are you due again?" You have graduated to pregnancy pro and people aren't as excited as they were. I think it's mostly because they have already told you all their pregnancy stories. 

9. Life is not as demanding. After you have a baby you get what I call a "grace period" where people don't expect much from you. They bring you food, help with chores, and hold your baby while you sleep. Although you're exhausted, I imagine it's easier to be pregnant with a baby than it would be with a toddler. 

10. It helps to ask for help. You're going to be exhausted! Don't be afraid to ask people for help. As a new mom you want to get things right and do everything yourself. I promise that your baby won't be permenatly damaged if dad watches him while you take a nap. 

That's all! I'm sure every pregnancy is different. What are some things you found in your second pregnancy? 

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Amanda Wissmann said...

I DIDNT know that! CONGRATS!!!!!! You're looking quite adorable :)

Something I've learned since becoming a mommy- everyone has their own opinion about everything. It's sad really that no one can just keep their mouth shut and be happy unless it's "their" way...I've just learned to ignore people that are rude, and soak up the nice things!

You're doing a great job, mommy! Hang in there!

" "