Yard Sale Tips

One thing I really enjoy is a good yard sale!! I now go to them about 2-3 a month. There's a few things I wanted to share on what I consider to be a good Yard Sale. So here are my best tips.

1. Remember why you're doing it. This is the most important tip! The purpose of a yard sale is to declutter your home. NOT, to make money, and not to turn it into a business. I hate yard sales that are a business for two reasons. 1. They're overpriced. 2. They're overpriced. I usually skip those houses anyways (we know who you are). 

2. Price accordingly. If you stay true to #1 then you will have no problem with this. Remember that what you're selling are things you no longer want!!! Junk, trash, no longer valuable. If you remember this, you will have an easier time letting go of things. Price for the 2nd cheapest price you are willing to let it go at. Then you will have room for hagglers (they're out there) or a better offer. 

3. Take the time to organize. I am more likely to stop at a well organized yard sale. I don't want to spend 30min looking through all of your family's clothes. Seperate everything into categories. 

4. Good signs. Bigger is better! You can't read an 8x11 sign from a car. Make sure you're signs are big and readable. Don't buy white signs and use yellow marker (it happens). Neon signs and BLACK marker is best. Don't write your address on the sign!! People are driving, they don't have time to process that much information. Arrows!!! 
*advertising on craigslist is great too!!

5. This is not your business time. So you sell Avon? Or something of the like. This is not the time to put it out there. I will skip the yard sales with the sales booth altogether. Even if you're not going to try to sell me something, I don't know that. It makes people move on. 

6. Feel free to sell food. The one thing I would recommend selling is water, doughnuts, snacks. Some people are up very early and get pretty hungry.

7. The early bird.... 
Yard sales are an early mans game. The earlier the better. Don't start putting your things out at 8am. Real yard sales are out before the sun comes up. 

8. You're not a sales man. This is not the time to practice your sale skills. An immediate red flag goes off when people try to sell me things. I go into this panick mode and I'm no longer interested in your things but I'm thinking of ways to get out of there. Just let people browse.

9. Do strike up conversation. Not to make a sale but just to talk. I am more likely to buy from someone who is friendly.

10. Have fun! Have friends and family help, have food, be friendly! Don't take it too seriously and you won't be disappointed if you don't make a ton of $$. Always remember that you want to get rid of this stuff. 

Happy Yardsale-ing! 

I also have tips on how to do a yard sale right as a buyer! Check them out here :)

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