Happy Birthday Jed!

Happy Birthday to my sweet boy Jed! I can't believe he's one already. This whole year flew by for us. Even though at times the days seemed to drag on. People were right, the days are long but the years are short. So from now on we celebrate years, not months anymore (tear). It's amazing how much they grow, learn, change in a year. I still remember thinking he would never crawl and now he's getting ready to walk. I remember the first time he laughed. The first time he ate people food. When i first gave him cheerios and hoped he wouldn't choke. Now he scarfs down just about everything you give him. He's no longer my tiny little newborn, now he's my energetic toddler. Being a new mom has been an incredible blessing.

The biggest blessing (besides Jed), has been seeing people love Jed. When you allow people to just love you in whatever way they choose it's amazing! Sometimes it looks like advice, from put socks on him, to give him this to not make him gassy. Sometimes it looks like gifts, a lot of gifts. Sometimes it's babysitting. Sometimes it's hugs, or being excited to see him on Sundays. Often it's prayer. And it has been those prayers that have gotten us through the sleepless nights, the 3am feedings, the six (now 7) teeth, the diaper rashes, the I don't know why your crying cries, the oh so embarrassing tantrums, the what can he eat now questions. And it's those prayers that we are most grateful for. This comes at a bittersweet place in our lives, since we will be moving soon. The thought of Jed not knowing all these people, hurts. But I'm reminded through it all, of Gods undying faithfullness. Because He has always sustained us. I have no doubt that in this new season He will continue to do so. So I will continue to enjoy the people who have been so faithful and so loving. You have made all the difference! Thank you! Not only do we celebrate 1 year of life but we also celebrate you. For being right there with us.

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Mayra Romero said...

You and RJ and a huge reason why we love him soo much! But he's also the cutest most adorable baby in the world (sorry other moms, I speak the truth) he's also super funny and musical and just perfect tantrums and all. I think he gets it from his auntie. Love you Jed!

Luz said...

Awww, Daisy, I almost cried. I didn't only because my mascara would run. :) Continue to enjoy all the little steps and the BIG achievements in your little one's life. Time does really go by TOO fast. I love you all... yes, ever RJ. ;)

ROSES said...

Aww this is beautiful! You're moving?! ❤ - Rosa

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