Fancy Finds

These are not so much fancy, as much as things that I, fancy. Some might be old but they're new to me.

1. Braids! I know, already a trend but they're something that I have always loved and I hope they don't go away. They're the lazy way (in my opinion) of doing your hair.
2. Birkenstock. Yet another "fashion" trend. Not sure why these are such a fashion trend, because they seriously look like something my 80 year old aunt wears. But they are very comfortable. I mean, extremely comfortable. AAAND! If you go to Kohl's they have sandals called Betula which are licensed by Birkenstock. Pretty much the same thing for almost half the price.
3. Purple nail polish. Because I just can't wait for fall. I believe this is called plum whine by OPI.
4. Food Documentaries. I have been on a food documentary rampage. Trying to learn all I can on eating better.
5. Brazilian Blowout. This has been out for a while but I only recently tried it. I didn't get the strongest one because of all the chemicals but the the second strongest. I have to say that my hair is amazing! I never though I could have hair that wasn't frizzy. Although I miss my curls here and there, but It's nice to not have to worry about straightening your hair.

Not so fancy....

Naked Juice. I decided to try it and thought it was too good to be true. Only to find out it is. Although it has good things in it, It's a lot of sugar and a whole lot of apple juice. I believe It's the first ingredient on their list. So save yourself the time (and money) and eat actual fruit, at least you get the fiber.

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Sonia Morman said...

Yay! I'm the first comment! Great article! If you're into food documentaries, watch "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead." It's on Netflix and is one of my absolute favorites. It starts slow, but will have a profound effect on you. I will neither confirm nor deny crying at the end. Lol

Kate Glodney said...

That nail polish color is to DIE for! I am most definitely trying that hue out this fall. I always do Malaga Wine by OPI but I'm going to branch out! Thanks for the inspiration Daisy!

Erick Hid and they All Go said...

Hey Ms. Nutrition facts... Naked Juice has a lot of sugar in it because fruit has a lot of sugar in it. But it isn't concentrated or processed sugar. I've been to the Naked fruit plant (They're one of our customers) and they really do add no sugar to their ingredients... the problem: Anything in juice form is going to require more fruit than what one would consume by just eating it. Go to Portos and just see how many oranges it takes to make one 16 oz cup of OJ. Also, you're absolutely right: When you drink fruit, you are no longer consuming the fiber... so, just eat fruit. :-)

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