On being pregnant

After being pregnant for what felt like 2 years, I'm glad to finally be taking a break. It's hard being pregnant, but being pregnant back-to-back is extremely hard. I have the bald spot to prove it! I'm excited to finally be able to exercise and hopefully get back into decent shape before (God willing) having another baby. And I'm not just saying that even though I'm currently sitting on the couch watching Jumanji! They gym is becoming a regular activity after Jed goes to bed (thank you, mom). So I will hopefully look more like 2012 Daisy, instead of  2012 Daisy's fat sister. I can't help but roll my eyes at 2007 Daisy who thought she was fat! Oh, how incredibly stupid we are in high school.

Although there are a few things I miss about being pregnant. The biggest being, feeling your baby moving around in there. The kicks, the hiccups, they're wonderful! That face people make when you turn around or get out of car. Oh, and people being extra nice. My favorite being my brother-in-law who freaked out when I jumped on a trampoline. Yeah, I miss all of those. But I don't miss looking like I'm smuggling a basketball everywhere I go. So for the time being, I will enjoy being able to tie my own shoes and sleeping through the night without peeing. Oh, the joys of motherhood :)

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