Once Upon a time

***spoiler alerts***

I have been watching the once upon a time seasons on netflix. and i may or may not have seen all three seasons this summer. like you have never wasted your time watching netflix? in my defense i wikepedia most of the first and second season. and although the second season almost lost me, the third season brought me right back! Regina is by far, my absolute favorite character. she's a great actress. mr. gold/rumpelstiltskin is my close second. i know, bad guys. but i love cheering for them to do the right thing. besides snow white and emma are too judgmental, always thinking regina is up to no good. so i thought i would make it a regular thing to write about the episodes, because although i know a good amount of people that watch this show, (my husband included) i love just being able to express my opinions.

i just finished watching the season finale of the third season and i nearly cried. i felt so heartbroken for regina, and really angry at emma. i watched before my husband and then with him, his reaction was the same. he even looked back at me with shock when he knew it was his wife. kudos to the writers because that was a heck of a twist. i knew she was going to change something because hook kept warning her. but this? genius! any who, that is really all i came here to say. although most people probably watched it back when it aired. just wanted to remind you of the outrage for the new season. oh and i am really curious how they're going to change the frozen story.

so now that i admitted that i watch once upon a time, i have really nothing else more embarrassing to say. except that i watch pll on occasion. nothing more embarrassing than that! ha.

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