A trip to LA

We went to LA a few weeks ago with a couple of friends. We got on the metro and visited places that I hadn't seen in a while. Now that we're leaving I want to visit all the tourist places with Jed. We only went for a few hours, but it was a fun little trip. We were able to visit Little Tokyo, China Town, and Olvera Street.

                                                ^^Little Tokyo had the cutest bakeries^^

Mexican candy, hmmmm!

Such bright colors in everything they had! Loved the dresses they had too, but I don't have a little girl to buy them for.
They had aztec dancing on Olvera Street. It was pretty fun to watch. Jed liked it so much, he wanted to join.

China town was not nearly as fun! I was a little disappointed. I would even skip it all together next time. Unless you want to buy $5 turtles.
Overall, it was a really fun trip. If you buy a metro pass ($6). You can ride all the lines, all day. You can even get discounts on some restaurants. I would suggest going to Pershing Square and having ice cream at Peddler's creamery. You get a buy one, get one with your metro card. I would also suggest doing Downtown Pasedena for some shopping. You can always look on here to see what LA is offering for the weekend. Sometimes they have concerts, crawfest, and food tasting tours!

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Becky | Apples of Gold said...

I'm almost never into doing touristy things (i'm an oddball compared to most) BUT I do have sweet memories of going to Olvera Street with my parents back when I was sixteen. I bought a pretty white dress there, and have never worn it (haha) but can't part with it because it holds so much sentimental value.
I 100% agree, the colors in those photos are beautiful! My bro-in-law is Mexican, and we live right next door to him and my sis-in-law, so I've gaining a new appreciation of all things Mexican.
Anyway, nothing like a fun little trip!

Carmen Varner said...

I adore Little Tokyo. It's so fun to browse & munch on their pastries & I like to get a boba drink while I'm there. :] // itsCarmen.com ☼ ☯

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