Apple chile

I made a 4 ingredient chile yesterday, with some of the food we bought at the farm Saturday, and I just had to share. I love to try new recipes, something about it, makes me feel like I'm on Top chef! Although most of the time they come out tasting pretty horrendous (I have weird taste). Sometimes we get something truly magical, and I think we got that with this.

 So here's my 4 ingredient apple chile. You will need the ingredients stated above^^^ Although they are an estimate/eyeball more than an exact science, so feel free to change it.

Chop them all up, except the lemon. I peel the apple and de-seed (is that how you spell it?) the chile. Mix them together. Squeeze in the lemon, and add some salt and pepper. Taste and change depending on what you like!

I know, this isn't exactly a brilliant recipe, but it is both, husband and mother approved. Two thumbs up from some pretty picky people. So I guess It's a keeper at our house.

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Mayra Romero said...

Make me some!

Mae said...

Love this! Nice and simple, which is what I need. Thanks for sharing!

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