Engagement Anniversary

We celebrated our engagement anniversary on Monday! Do people celebrate that? We figured this is our last week together, so we might as well do something fun. RJ surprised me with the absolute best date, that he planned all by himself (which is a big deal). I gotta say that I was very impressed and surprised. He is usually the absolute worst planner and gift giver. A quality that I have come to find quite adorable. He once gave me a dog, that said #1 dad on it, for Christmas. No joke! So you can see why I was so surprised yesterday when he showed up with this incredible bouquet of flowers.

He took me down to Laguna Beach in Orange County. That beach is so breathtaking. We think It's the reason people want to live in Southern California. I mean, everything about it is just amazing. You can see God's remarkable workmanship.

 I can't capture the beauty in a picture, but that sunset!
                                                                ^^^The water was so clear^^^

                                           ^^^We had sushi at Okura in Laguna. BEST Sushi EVER!!^^

We had dessert at rubies by the pier. Can you tell I was excited by that ridiculous face!? 

 {We got a video of the absolute cutest crab on the beach! It's amazing that you can see fish and crabs through the water.} 

It was such a great day! It's been tough thinking about RJ leaving, but Monday was just what we needed. It's a day I will never forget :)

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Mayra Romero said...

You look so cute! looking good my friend!
Happy engagement anniversary, I remember getting that text like it was just yesterday.

Love you guys!

Sonia Michelle said...

This post makes me so happy! There is definitely something magical about Laguna. Matt and I went down there for a drive with his grandparents a couple of weeks back and had a blast.

Can't stop LOLing at the #1 dad bear! Maybe he was hoping for a re-gift..? lol "Happy Father's Day!?"

Sonia Michelle said...

#1 dad dog. Even better.

his little lady said...

Gotta love dessert at Ruby's! This post made me happy, what a great story and a beautiful place!!
xo TJ


Anonymous said...

You are so adorable! I would love to visit that beach.

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