It's nap time!

Yesterday we went to the happiest place on earth. Whoever named it that clearly did not have children. That place is crazy enough without kids but once you throw one in the mix it's a different story. We had a blast taking Jed there for his first time. Even though he's not going to remember any of it, we wanted to take him before RJ left. It was both fun and stressful! Having to convince a 1 year old that a ride is going to be fun before it starts, while he's crying, takes a lot out of you. Did I mention it was crowded? On a Thursday! We still had such a great time, and we're so grateful that we were able to go as a family. Today I am beyond pooped, and I have a Zumbathon tonight. So instead of bringing you a brilliant blog post, I came on here to tell you that I'm really tired, too tired to write. So go take a nap for me :)

Have a great weekend!

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