New Look!

The blog got a new look! As you can see, I completely redid the blog. Finally!! I got a new layout done  by Kay Brighton. I really like how everything looks. So what's new? The tabs on top ^^^^

We have some new categories, like thrifting, family, California. We also have a shop tab, which looks like this...
It's just a page with a few things that I'm currently using or wanting. I will update it periodically, so you can always check back!

We have social buttons to connect on different platforms (happy dance). Twitter is still tough for me, but Instagram and Pinterest are frequently visits :)

And last I'm bringing buttons back! I currently have my friends Sonia's new blog. She recently started a fashion/lifestyle blog, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Happy Friday!

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Mae said...

I love the new look!

Daisy Valdivia said...

Thanks Mae! I'm really excited about it :)

Daisy Valdivia said...
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Sonia Michelle said...

I love the new layout! Seeing the "California" tab makes me a little sad, but everything is so pretty! Thank you for the referral. It would be really awesome to meet some of your blogging friends :)

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