pumpkin carving

We had a pumpkin carving night last week! I told you, we're pulling out all the stops before RJ leaves. So last week we went to a friends house, with our pumpkins in hand, and we carved our little hearts out. Pumpkin carving is a lot harder than it looks. We have been blessed with some terribly creative friends who seem to be able to fart out creative ideas. So yeah, these are pretty impressive, and they're not even trying...

 ^^^^I made a candy apple bar^^^
 my favorite was caramel, graham cracker, and chocolate. hmmmm
 This girl is an amazing artist! Remember what I said about farting creativity? She's the biggest tooter when it comes to drawing.
 Jed hated putting his hand in the pumpkin, completely grossed out.

 ^^^How handsome is this guy? My new favorite picture :) ^^^
 Not as impressive when you can see the drawn outline. 
But I loved the end result! (right to left) Batman, witch & cat, spider, mickey, mario, jack-o-lantern.

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