The case of the missing chonies

^^Found this picture fitting for the story^^

So this morning, I may or may not have lost my chonies at the gym. Yes, you heard that right! I lost my underwear somewhere at the gym. Since my husband is going to tell everyone he knows, I thought I would get ahead of the story. This is by far the most humiliating thing that has happened to me. Needless to say, I'm never showing my face at that gym again. Good thing my membership is for multiple clubs. How did this happen? Good question!

This morning I decided to go swimming at the gym. So swimming I went, took a shower, grabbed my clothes, and got dressed. I had the bright idea of just bunching my clothes in my towel and carrying it to the car. Only to realize when I got home that my underwear were gone! Yes! Somewhere in-between the walk from the locker room to the car, I dropped my underwear. It could very well have been in the middle of the gym as I was walking out. In THE MIDDLE OF THE GYM. As in multiple people could have seen me drop them. Fingers crossed that it was outside where there was no witnesses. So you can see why I can never show my face there again.

So in case you were having a bad day, at least you didn't loose your underwear :)

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Erick Hid and they All Go said...

For the sake of half of you're entire Male audience (SInce it's probably just me and someone else - I'm looking at you RJ), maybe keep your chonie stories to yourself. :-P LOL


I wouldn't worry about it, I'm sure you dropped them in the locker room and you can rest assure, this story got me a good laugh. :-)

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