The Pumpkin Patch

We went to the Pumpkin patch over the weekend! It was such a blast to take Jed, and to be able to see him in a new environment. Living in LA we don't get a lot of farms, any really. So we made about an hour drive up to Forneris Farms in Mission Hills with some friends.

                                                     ^^They had a really fun corn maze!^^
We even overheard a few people who were lost. It can be very scary when you separate from your group.

They had pony rides, a petting zoo, and games for kids. They also have a train that tours the entire farm, but we forgot to try that.

The farmers market was especially fun, well for mom, anyways. We got a few goodies that we shared with our family back home. They have everything from sunflowers (my favorite), to honey, and gigantic pumpkins.

It was a pretty successful day, overall. We had a blast with everyone, and we even entered a contest (fingers crossed). Although, I'm not sure what we would do with a 100lb pumpkin. It was a family trip for the books. Which we seem to be doing a lot lately, both because we're leaving, and because dad ships off next month. Gotta fit in all of our fall activities in two weeks!

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Pumpkin patches ( is that word?) are my favorite!

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