Army Boot Camp: Week 0

I wanted to document our Army life on here. Mostly, because I am so confused about the ENTIRE process. I joined every Facebook page, Army site, blog, that I could find. I asked a lot of questions to a lot of different people. And all I wanted was to find a normal person who could talk in normal terms about the army. So here it is....

Keep in mind that everyone is different. The Army also runs on It's own time, and everything can change very quickly. For example, just two days before he was suppose to leave, his flight got pushed back a day. So week 0 as they call it, is the week before bootcamp actually starts. They fly there, do all the paperwork and processing.

Monday- Dropped him off at the recruiting center. He was put in a hotel later that evening. Didn't get to hear from him for a few hours.

Tuesday- He was sworn in. We were able to see him get sworn in. It was a lot of fun :) We did wait around for a while at MEPS.

Wednesday- He flew out and landed sometime in the afternoon. He sent me a quick txt when he landed.

Thursday-Friday: No phone Call

Saturday- 2min phone call. He tried to give me his address but we did't have enough time.

Sunday- No call

That has been our week so far. Some things I learned:

Keep your phone on you at ALL times.
Learn the Rules. They're really strict on some things.

We have a friend who was a drill sergeant. He told us to be careful on what you mail. You don't want to send anything that is going to make them standout. He also mentioned that mail is a real spirit lifter.

That's it! That's all I've learned so far :)

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