Although RJ has been gone almost three weeks, last week he finished his week 1 of boot camp. I didn't hear from him last week but here's some basic advice.

The best thing you can do, is join a Facebook page. I can't tell you how many questions got answered through that page. Theres both people who have gone through it, and are going through it. It also helps to find an Army wife to talk to, or mom, or whatever. They know exactly how you feel, and how much it stinks! So here's what Ive learned in week two.

Don't expect a phone call. Every platoon, DS (drill sergeant), soldier is different. For whatever reason they might not get a phone call and so and so's boyfriend did. You can't possibly know why that is, so don't spend your time worrying about it.

Don't expect a letter. I kept telling my husband not to write, but after a while you want to hear something. Nope! He said he's had enough time to write 1/2 a letter. They're so busy that they won't be able to write. It also depends on what they're DS makes them do.

Expect a Christmas Exodus. If you're soldier is going to boot camp during Christmas, he will come home during Christmas. They get about two weeks off during this time. Yay! Just know that It's EXPENSIVE and YOU have to pay for it. I heard some can take it out of their future paycheck but that was not the case for us. Be prepared for this crazy cost.

Expect to not get payed for 30-45 days. They don't give you a check for a while. This totally stinks if you have to buy a ticket. You might be left with pennies to your name.

Graduation. Around this time you should find out when graduation is. Two things! Book on base, because they're able to hang out in your room if you do. Book quickly, because if you wait too long everything will be booked.

See pictures online. You can find pictures of your soldier online. You just need his company name and number. You don't always find them, or good pictures of them, but It's nice if you do. Heres the website.

Pray. Boot camp is tough. Not just physically but mentally. Iv'e heard that the first two weeks are the hardest. I can't imagine its easy to adapt to that kind of environment. So many people get sick or injured, It's stressful. Just pray that God watches over your soldier and gives them the strength to keep going everyday.

This is just week two, of the begging, of a crazy 6 years!

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