Disney Day

We went to Disneyland a few weeks ago, as a family! I have been to Disneyland dozens of times, but Disneyland with a baby is a whole other ball game. There was so much we had to do to prepare! I felt like we brought the  entire house with us. I mean, stroller, food, diapers, waters, change of clothes, camera, ect. It was pretty packed for a Thursday, but we still had such a great time!
      ^^ He kept pointing at the balloons and saying ball.^^

                 ^^ This was his attitude for every ride except the Haunted Mansion. Strange Kid!^^

                                  ^^I think this whole day was worth it because he got ice cream^^
No, we were not about to wait in line for an hour to take a picture with Pluto. Shot of Pluto from far? good enough! 
There is a petting zoo in Disneyland! I worked there and never knew that. Unless It's new?

Cars land (one word, two?) is my favorite! I'm amazed at the creativity of people. And the ride! I think It's my new favorite after soaring through California. Which is depressing considering we're moving.

We ended the night with world of color, which is a MUST see! Maybe It's because I'm old but California Adventure is way more fun than Disneyland. Cars land, soaring through california, and world of color proved that.

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Mayra Romero said...

That last picture is my favorite picture! You need to frame it!
The petting zoo has always been there...

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