We celebrated Halloween last week the only way we know how! A movie and some great snacks. The baby stayed home with my mom and we headed over to my brother-in-laws house. It was a blast hanging out with everyone, even though the girls were the only ones participating. they guys mostly played Mario Brothers.

                                                              ^^cookies & candies! yum.^^

 I made these impossible hot dog mummies! I had no idea how hard they would be to make. And only to be dropped on the floor :/ but not before I got a picture. haha
 Betzy decorated her whole apartment. It was adorable!

 Super girl and deadpool? not sure who they are. They're comic book nerds!

 can you guess who we are....... spinelli and TJ from Recess! Jed is suppose to be a kindergardener. Anyone remember that show?! I had an unhealthy obsession with it, well into high school.
We played a game where we IMBD a celebrity and you try to guess their top 5 grossing movies. FUN! We had a great night! Halloween is a blast because we overdose on candy and play games. Just another excuse to hang out :)

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Mayra Romero said...

You need to give credit where credit is due. Did you take all those amazing pictures???

I don't think so....

Who was your photographer Daisy?

" "