Just plain sad...

You know how when you experience heartbreak food doesn't taste the same? Things don't seem as fun? I'm kind of going through that. I also seem to be overly disappointed with things, like irrationally so. Even things that happened a few weeks back. All of a sudden I'm really sad about the series finale of HIMYM. I'm just tired of disappointing series finales in general (I'm thinking of you lost). I burst into tears the other day because the gas station was cash only. I cried because they were all out of my favorite ice cream at Rite Aid. I was also really depressed that Netflix didn't work yesterday. It's the little things.

I know It's all coming from missing RJ, but It's kind of funny how sad things make me! EVERYTHING reminds me of him. I keep trying to tell myself that this is only for a short time, but it doesn't help!  Seriously. All of my rational, intellectual side keeps telling my emotions to get a grip, but I am sad. JUST PLAIN SAD. I went from spending all day everyday with RJ for the past 3 weeks and now he's gone. We're not a couple that needs their space. We love spending ALL DAY together. It might seem kind of pathetic but we love it. He would txt me from work everyday saying he missed me, and call me everyday on his way home. So yeah, I'm sad. My only comfort is knowing that he's sad too, because at least we're doing that together. haha.

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Mayra Romero said...

Take it day by day. Shoot, take it hour by hour! You don't have to look at the big picture.
It may not seem like it now, but you will get through this. I promise!

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