Kayaking in La Jolla

We went Kayaking in La Jolla this past weekend! It was a great way to get my mind off things for a while. San Diego is a beautiful place, but La Jolla is something else. I LOVE anything with nature. Being able to see animals is amazing to me. I hope to go back before we move, and maybe even snorkel or go in the caves. 

 I mean! C'mon. How can people not believe in God?!

 So thankful for friends to spend time with.

 We saw seals, fish, and crabs! We even saw the cutest baby seal. They were right in front of us. It was amazing.
It was truly magical! If you're ever in San Diego, Ca. I highly recommend trying this out. Next, I would like to try scuba and paddle boarding, which is crazy expensive. I guess It's the "new thing".

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dreaming en francais said...

Love La Jolla -- this looks like so much fun!


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