Thanksgiving Traditions

Some of the best things about the holidays is making new traditions. Now that we have started our family, we have been talking more about what we would like to do during the holidays. And now that we're moving, those traditions seem all the more important. We're going to have to get use to doing things on our own, and that includes holidays. Although Jed is too young to comprehend concepts, I think he can still learn things. So here are two traditions I would like to start doing as a family.

 I would like to do sort of an Advent calendar for thanksgiving. I think it would be neat to do thanksgiving verses and activities for each day leading up to Thanksgiving. We should give thanks always, but it doesn't hurt to learn more about it this month. It will also be really great teaching Jed what it means every year, since he will be able to understand more.

Gift Giving is also something that I would like to do. I love the idea of bread ^^^  This year has been overwhelming, to say the least. But I am truly thankful for a lot of people who have made it bearable. I think this would be a good way to show them the blessing that they are. They can also be handed out to neighbors and people in the community. Who can say no to baked goods? I LOVE it when people hand out cookies with notes during Christmas. Two years ago we did cinnamon rolls, and last year we didn't (because well, trying to get the mom thing down). I seriously hope I can get around to it this year, but we're taking it day by day here.

What are some of your family traditions for the holidays?

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Sonia Michelle said...

What great ideas! I love the focus on giving thanks.

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