2014 in Review

Goodbye, 2014!

This has been a tough year. This has easily been the toughest year of my life.  It was filled with great highs and some terrible lows. This has also been the most growing year of my life. I learned what it meant to have your heartbreak. There have been a lot of great memories made this year, there have also been some I would love to forget. But overall, I am grateful for all of them, because they were all ordained by God and they continue to shape me into who I am.

There are a lot of things I look forward to in 2015. I look forward to living in a new place, just the three of us. I look forward to making new friends, and building relationships with more people. I look forward to Jed getting older, to new babies, and a wedding! There are some very exciting things coming this new year, but maybe the most exciting of all, is the unknown. As scary as it has been, I'm also really excited for the things we don't know yet! Maybe this is the year where Christ will return. There is just something so joyful about knowing God is in control, that He has foreordained everything. The end is already determined and we know the outcome!

So heres to 2014! May the next year be even better :)

Happy New Year! Enjoy your time with family and friends :)

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Sonia Michelle said...

Thanks for the mention! Goodbye 2014 and helllllo 2015! This is going to be a fun year for you. I can feel it in my bones.

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