DIY Succulent Gift

These next few days I'm bringing you some simple DIY gift ideas for Christmas. Since RJ and I are on a tight schedule this year because of flying, and well, he has a huge family to buy for. I did my best to keep things minimal this year. Today I wanted to show you a cheap and simple way to make a succulent gift.

What you need: Baby succulents, mason jars, rocks, & Cactus soil.

Fill the mason jars with rocks about 1/4 of the way. I added the rocks so that the water has somewhere to go. Since theres no holes at the bottom.

Fill in the dirt, but leave enough room to put the plant in. Fill in the rest with dirt.

I watered it enough so that the soil was moist.

This gift was a total of about five dollars. I already had the mason jars, I buy some whenever I see them because I use them a lot. I believe they were a dollar at the dollar store. The cactus were two dollars at Lowe's. I already had the rocks and dirt! So this was a really affordable and cute gift.

Perfect gift for someones office or home :)

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