Happy December!!

 We're officially in December and I could not be happier! I love Christmas (who doesn't). Cold weather, hot chocolate, decorations, music, home alone, HOME ALONE! This year, what I love most of all (about Christmas), is being able to finally see RJ. He gets to come home, and I am doing everything I can to pass the time, and man is it flying.
 I have been looking through our old pictures. These were from our first Christmas as a married couple. We decided to be total weirdos and attempt to do a Christmas photo shoot (naturally). They have been bringing back a lot of memories. I remember being really excited that he was willing to indulge my crazy idea. He's sweet like that. He supports every insane thought (there are lots), and every project.  Looking back, It's not something that I appreciated enough about him.

 As I look through the pictures, I have been noticing him more. I have been noticing the way he looks at me (I know, sounds narcissistic). I just don't think I noticed it enough. Its actually in a lot of pictures. I do remember people mentioning it. On several occasions people have told me about the way he looks at me, and for the most part I would brush it off. But I love it now! It's that kind of look that says you matter. RJ is really good at making sure people feel that way. You know, the kind of look that just makes you feel like the luckiest girl in the world because THIS GUY is madly in love with you. Yeah, I miss that look. Most of all, I miss him.

Although, It's thursday, which means It's almost Friday, which is basically the weekend, so It's Monday!!! :)

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Erick Hid and they All Go said...

That's at Bino and Sandra's old place! :'-)

Looking forward to the time when he arrives... seriously, I am... I need someone to help me change out my radiator. :-P LOL J/K

Looking forward to seeing him again. :-)

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