Hot chocolate

9 more days!!! Technically 8 days, and a wake up (never knew why people said that until now). So in the spirit of Christmas (because RJ is coming home for Christmas), I wanted to share something with you (hello run on sentence & bad grammar!).

I wanted to share a super brilliant new discovery.... hot chocolate! Not a hot chocolate recipe or even a recipe for that matter. Just a little trick I learned from someone on Instagram. My absolute favorite drink for when It's cold. I'm not a coffee drinker so hot chocolate hits the spot. Even though I don't like marshmallows in my hot chocolate (unless home made), I do love whip cream, on pretty much everything. So I learned of a way to put cool whip in the form of a marshmallow. So here it is....

Freeze your cool whip. Scoop it out (I used and ice cream scoop). Use a small cookie cutter, (I got mine from Marshalls), and cut the shape out. There! That simple. Best part is that the cool whip doesn't go to waste because the extra can be put back. I sprinkled some cinnamon over it :)


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