LA Zoo

We went to the LA Zoo last week with some moms. It was both fun and exhausting taking a bunch of kids. Overall the trip was a success (happy dance). The kids had a great time and a great nap on the way home. Even I fell asleep in the car. I only managed to get a few pictures, because moms get distracted too. I just LOVE looking at animals. So fun! 

                                                   ^^ She's such a cutie! And always happy ^^
                                                                       ^Jed's favorite^

^^Ava's favorite^^

The lion roared while we were there, it was pretty amazing. 

 Beautiful right!? Once we got passed the flamingos and the sad crocodile in the beginning, I really enjoyed all the animals. Although, I was genuinely terrified most of the time. I mean, the gorilla definitely looked like he could make the jump. I felt like everyone knew something I didn't, because I was one bad noise from running to the car. The chimps amaze me every time! Mostly because they freak me out. I feel like they're messing with your mind. They would run right up to the glass and hit it. Everyone kept thinking it was funny, I kept thinking we were going to die. I probably shouldn't watch Planet of the apes so much.

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Sonia Michelle said...

Looks like you guys had a great time, and I love all the photos. I have heard from a few different people that the lions have been pretty active lately. I think the roar would have been pretty amazing/scary to hear. The closest I've come to seeing that is the MGM lion, which I kind of love lol

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