The Grove

We went to The Grove over the weekend. It was a lot of fun to see all the Christmas decorations they put up. The tree is my absolute favorite. I mean, c'mon! I have mixed feelings about that place. On one hand It's fun to go and hang out. We hardly go into the city, so It's fun to actually see all the building up close. On the other hand, It's crazy packed! I imagine It's a weekend/Christmas thing. I have gone other times where It's been a bit low key. It was still nice to go and enjoy the atmosphere.

                              ^^I could not seem to capture the crazy view! Park at the roof! ^^
The farmers market is my favorite part. It's better in the day! Just be prepared for cash only in a lot of places.

The decorations were great. I wish I had more pictures but I couldn't really stop to take a lot of pictures, because of the crowds, oh and the baby!

We made a stop by Sprinkles on our way out! They're so sneaky, being by the entrance and all. It was alright. I prefer the Beverly Hills location, mostly because of the ice cream shop next door. Sorry to say that their ice cream is better. I had a gingerbread cupcake which was disappointing. I still swear by this cupcake place in Whittier, but It's closed now. So mainstream cupcake shops made popular by hipsters and girls with poodles will have to do (sigh).

The grove is an LA staple! Although technically it might be in West Hollywood. They have all of my favorite stores (that I can't afford), Anthropology, J. Crew, and Madewell to name a few. They also have a store called American Girl, where a parent buys their kid a doll that looks like them. They buy them clothes and theirs a restaurant where they buy their doll food. THEY BUY THEIR FAKE DOLL FOOD (haha). No joke! The American  Dream, everybody. So just in case you're wondering what all those girls are doing with the same creepy doll.

But other than the creepy dolls, bad cupcakes, and expensive stores, it was a lot of fun ;)

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