5 days in!

We're 5 days into the New Year! 5 days!! I can't believe it. Having RJ here just made time completely disappear. It was a very sweet two weeks. Even though at first, it took some getting use to. We got right back into the swing of things. Did I mention how strange it was to see him? It really took me back to when we were dating. It was like seeing 20-something year old RJ, again. Loved it!

We were able to spend some time with family. It was really great!  He's back across the country, now. And even though I miss him, It's very different this time around. There's a peace that God has given me. I think both Jed and I really needed this time with him. I was starting to loose it a little bit towards the end. I think Jed needed a reminder that his dad was still around.

It was a really fantastic two weeks! I miss RJ already, but I am also really excited for him. Knowing how much fun he's having, just makes all the difference.

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