About New Years Resolutions...

Welcome in the New Year!! What better way to welcome in the new year, than resolutions!! I really liked New years resolutions, and then I was off of them for a while. Now, I'm back on!! I don't mean resolutions like read more books, cook more, loose weight. I'm over here like, never eat sugar again, get a six pack, stop watching TV! Go big or go home. Right? Although I usually end up going home. So this time, I'm making attainable resolutions. Lesson learned.

This year, my resolution(s) is, (drumroll, please).... To make more resolutions!

What I mean by that specifically is each month I want to set new goals. I have really enjoyed doing the 30 day challenges, so It's something I want to keep up. Not just fitness challenges, but all kinds of challenges. Wether it's reading, food, fitness, creativity, ect. I want to really try and make small attainable goals that I can try each month. This months challenge will be posted on Friday. Even though we're already a few days in. Who says you have to start at Day 1, right? Haha. We're breaking all the rules this year (fist bump).

What are some of your resolutions, this year?

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What a fun shot! Is this the new one? How was it?

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