Family Snow Trip!!!

We managed to squeeze a family snow trip in while RJ was here. We managed to get 13 people and two babies up there. It was a day trip to Lake Arrowhead, which is about an hour and half drive from here. Originally we planned on going to Big Bear, but the line to get up there was insane!! It was a dead stop, about a mile in. So we decided to go to Lake Arrowhead instead. They have better pizza anyways ;)

Here are a few shots from the day....

What you look like when you oversleep!! Remember the scene from Home Alone? Yup! 

^^Loved every minute of it!! He literally stuck his head in the snow. ^^

                                             ^^The newly engaged couple!!!^^

How do you know it was a success? No injuries and everyone sleeps in the car!!

We took some pretty hilarious pictures at the end. I wanted to capture a "snow" picture. My snow throwers were not the brightest. I wanted more of a snowy look, not a blizzard (sigh). What are you gonna do? Made for some pretty funny pictures!

The whole trip was a blast. Except for the million potty breaks and leaving late. A lot of sacrificing with big groups, but worth it for family :)

Fingers crossed that we end up in a snowy state. Maybe I don't know what I'm asking, but it just seems like so much fun. Well, a state with a minimal amount of snow, haha.

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