Naples Canal

We went to Naples Canal with some friends over the two weeks RJ was here. It was so much fun! We loved seeing the lights on all the houses. Everyone gets really into it, and even the boats come out.

They both have so many freckles! Man, that girl is going to be filled with them :)

These were so beautiful! The entire house was really well done.
                     ^^ I think this house was Jeds favorite. They also had a really neat train.^^

This house won! They had a "light projector". Christmas of the future. haha

This is definitely a new tradition. I know there are a few places that do it, but I enjoyed being by the water. Hopefully next time we can get some hot chocolate ;)

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Erick Hid and they All Go said...

It was fun! I hope we truly get an opportunity to go every year if you and RJ come home for Christmas (*tear*).

Thanks for making time out of your busy schedule to hang out with us a few times. I know that two of you were being pulled in every direction and probably wanted to have some intimate family moments with just the three of you. Thanks for sharing him, Daisy. :-D

I'm surprised you didn't share our horrible theater experience. :-P LOL

Erick Hid and they All Go said...

I love the picture you got of Tori! Thank you!!!!! :-D

Becca said...

Fun pictures. Christmastime is fun, but it goes too fast!

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