Boot Camp graduation

We flew to RJ's graduation last week. He finally finished his basic training and is now in AIT. It was a  really bittersweet time for us. We're so happy to be done with that part, but now we will be a part for an even longer time. I'm trying to focus on the good parts, and I am truly very proud of him. Here are some pictures of the day...

 That was a really cool part of Family Day. The green smoke was pretty awesome!

 First time seeing each other :) Can I just hang this picture everywhere?
and this one! 

It was a really proud day for all of us. I'm beginning to realize just how much people have to sacrifice in the military. We miss him very much, but we are just beyond proud. I'm counting the days until we see him again. Until then, theres a really proud military wife in California, wishing she was in Virginia :) 

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Mayra Romero said...

Wow these pictures are awesome!
Made me tear up a little.
So proud of him, its so cool to see him in uniform.
love you guys!

mayrae said...

Thank you Daisy ;) ha ha please don't let it happen again

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