Lately, I have been missing my husband like crazy. He has to be the absolute best man on earth. I truthfully can't imagine someone more wonderful than him. Being away from him has made me appreciate him even more. We have been going on a whole lot of "field trips". Thank God we live in California because I could not handle having to stay indoors all day. I have been hanging out with friends. I am in a place in my life where friendships mean the world to me. I have seen people really be there for me when RJ left, and words cannot describe how much it has meant to us. We are rich in friends and that is not something that I take lightly. When times are tough, you realize who your friends are and what real friendship is. We have been having really long, thoughtful, and sweet conversations about life, the future, and what God desires from us. I have learned that friendship is what you make of it. You get, what you choose to put in. I feel like I am at a crossroad in life. It seems likes we all seem to be moving on. You know, like the last episode of friends. We are all going our separate ways and It's a little bittersweet. I'm excited to see where God takes us and what the outcome will be. I'm praying hard for all of our relationships and for God to use us to further the kingdom. I feel like we're in a really great place, as a church, in our relationships. I think God is really changing hearts and growing people, and it is darn exciting!

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