Petting Zoo

We took the kids to the petting zoo this week! It was the most fun $5 could buy. Well, at least for me. I always feel both excitement and sadness when I go to one. I feel sorry for the animals kept there. I know most of them are farm animals but some really don't belong there. We saw a Zebra and a peacock that I thought were really out of place. Other than that, it was a ton of fun to watch the animals. I always wished I had grown up on a farm, but having one down the street is the next best thing, right?

                     ^^This Donkey? was hilarious! I was sure he was going to break out of there. ^^

What are you talking about Ava?
^^Ava didn't want to ride the horse, but she didn't mind the helmet^^

That kid rode the horse like a pro. No smiling, no crying. It was more like, yeah, whats the big deal. Didn't even flinch when I put him on there and let him ride off with a complete stranger. A real cowboy, like his daddy.

We had a lot of fun! Although, Jed was a little terrified of the chickens. Weird, the horses he liked, but the chickens freaked him out. Although chickens (birds in general) freak me out.

I'm going to miss LA, there are so many places to see. Everywhere else they seem to have such harsh winters. I guess until then, we're gonna see all the fun places.

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Christina Schergen said...

Fun! One of my favorite family memories is of feeding baby goats. :)

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